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Man’s Savage Revenge Goes Way Too Far After Chef Puts

Police officers were called Tuesday night to an Indian restaurant in Oakland after receiving a report of a disorderly man threatening to shoot the staff. According to the criminal complaint, 43-year-old Yuba Raj Sharma was so drunk and difficult that he became “dead weight” as police tried to put him in a patrol car. The […]


Woman Horrified When Unexpected Surprise Comes Out Of Her Body

It was a surprise for neighbors as well as for the woman who had gave birth on a Malden sidewalk. Doug Rogers said his girlfriend Christine Harvey was in a lot of pain Monday. It was so bad that a friend was on the way to take Harvey to the hospital. A Massachusetts woman unaware […]


Man Called 911 And Asked For A Free Ride To,

A man was reportedly arrested for calling 911 and telling the dispatchers that his elderly grandmother was “about to have a stroke” in a Hooters parking lot. A story which the authorities found that he made up — just to get a ride to the restaurant. Jonathan Clayton Hinkle, 28-year-old, told a police dispatcher that […]


The Disgusting Truth Comes Out About The “Couple” Having Sex

The pair shocked passengers on the plane from Manchester to Ibiza on Friday when the blonde woman was seen straddling the man. Footage shows the man in the middle seat with the woman on top of him before he asks people around him for a condom. Initially, the pair appeared to be just a boozy […]


Woman Farts During Surgery And Catches Fire, Then Things Take

A woman was badly burned during an April surgery in Tokyo when a laser ignited her fart, according to a report in the Straits Times. The patient, in her 30s, was having a procedure that involved using a laser on her cervix at Tokyo Medical University. When she passed gas, the laser ignited it. She […]

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Signs Your Deceased Loved One Is Still Close By [PHOTOS]

Some people believe that when we die, our spirits cross over to the light, which leads to a heavenly dimension where we can continue to exist in a state of sheer contentment. But if it’s true, then we have to assume that our loved ones will most those they left behind on earth. The only […]


Surgeons Astonished At What They Removed From Man’s Colon [PHOTOS]

Surgeons removed 30 inches of a man’s large intestine after diagnosing him with a rare condition involving a building-up of constipation throughout his life. The unnamed male patient, 22, is believed to have been born with the congenital condition known as Hirschsprung’s disease – also known as “HD”. It means his stool cannot pass because […]


Ranchers Shot A Wild Pig That Looked Like An Alien,

Morgan Hill, California ranchers shot a wild pig that was on their property, but that is the least weird thing about this story. When they cut into the pig, they saw something they’ve never seen before, and can’t really explain. “I know blue pigmentation is often caused from copper poisoning but all that they have […]


Fisherman Spots Epic Struggle Happening In The Distance, Pulls Out

A viral video has captured an epic tussle between a snake and a large catfish in the shallows of the Colorado River. The Blotched water snake took on the fish despite it appearing far too big for the serpent to swallow. The incredible footage was posted on YouTube by Bruce Burns who filmed the battle […]


Couple Gets Death Threats Over Color They Painted Their Home

A couple in Harris County, Texas, said they received death threats after a photo of their home—which had been recently painted bright teal—was posted online on a realty website. Keely and Peter Dubrova said the local homeowner’s association approved their request to paint their house bright teal, KHOU-11 reported. They applied the paint while remodeling […]


Spectators Attack Kickboxer After Wild ‘Coward Punch’ KO [VIDEO]

The crazy sequence of events was initiated when Groenhart landed a powerful knee on the head of his opponent, Harut Grogian. Confused and dazed, Grogian breaks the cardinal rule of combat sports and turns his back on his opponent before apparently walking back to his corner, despite the referee not calling an end to the […]


Man Spots Hedgehog Running Around Badly Injured And Is Horrified

When a caretaker at England’s University of Sheffield discovered a strange little creature running around a campus kitchen, he had no idea what to make of the little guy. But after he realized what he was looking at, he knew something was amiss. The animal was a hedgehog, who has had all of his spines […]


African Rock Python Spotted In Extremely Rare Feeding [VIDEO]

As you know, the wildlife in Africa must survive one of the most hostile environments on earth. Not only can the temperatures and weather be demanding on any creature – since the dry season can last months and offer no relief – animals must also learn to endure the near-constant threats to their lives by […]


Farmer Notices Rock That’s Out Of Place, He Moves It

In the expanse of open Scotland, one farmer made what is perhaps one of the largest discoveries when he moved aside some stones. He had no idea, but what he discovered was a house buried under the ground. There was much more than a little house though. This farmer had discovered the lost city of […]


Coffee Grounds Is The Key To Solving That Pesky Mosquito

The summer months are just about in full swing, which means that long, sunny days are here at last. Not only that but with Memorial Day in the rearview mirror, a lot of folks have already opened up their pools for the season. With all of those fun summer activities, however, comes a less-than-fun issue: […]


Unsafe Conditions Force Closure Of Torture Dungeon(?)

Police, Fire and Health officials moved in to raid a swingers club complete with a dungeon and torture chamber. The Sadomasochists club was raided after word of unsanitary conditions reached local authorities and officials say that as a result of their findings, The torture Chamber and adjoining areas have been shutdown over health and safety […]


Drinking Glass Ends Up In Man’s Behind, Then Things Take

An abusive man was lucky to escape serious injury after a drinking glass he had shoved up his anus for pleasure shattered. According to a case report published June 2 on BMJ Case Reports, a 47-year-old Italian man self-inserted a drinking glass into his anus. The glass became lodged in his rectum and broke after […]


Blood Thirsty Mom Did This In A Walmart Bathroom

Utah authorities said today they have sought preliminary charges against a woman arrested in a local Walmart store for child abuse. The subject allegedly pulled two of her son’s teeth out with pliers in the department store’s bathroom. That’s right, she pulled his teeth out with a pair of pliers, a real loving mother. A […]


Scientist’s Say These Are The 3 Most Painful Ways To

Whether we like it or not, it is undeniable truth that no one can live forever and death is our ultimate destiny. There are, of course, ways to pass on that are relatively painless. But there are other that are incredibly painful. We’ve all had those “would you rather” conversations when it comes to dying. […]


Man Keeps Promise To Deceased Brother, Digs Him Up And

Eri Erisberto died over a year ago, but that didn’t prevent his brother, Elderlandes Rosa, 29-year-old, from taking his remains for a bike ride. According to local police, Rosa says his brother, who was 30-year-old when he died, came to him in a dream and asked to be taken on a bike ride, something the brothers did […]

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