Farmer Notices Rock That’s Out Of Place, He Moves It To Reveal Incredible Historic Discovery [PHOTOS]

In the expanse of open Scotland, one farmer made what is perhaps one of the largest discoveries when he moved aside some stones. He had no idea, but what he discovered was a house buried under the ground.

There was much more than a little house though. This farmer had discovered the lost city of Skara Brae. This is believed to be one of the oldest settlements in Great Britain and has some of the most interesting history you will ever find.

The farmer moved aside a stone on the island of Orkney, and found this:


It led to a house. It was buried under the ground but had lots of space on the inside.


This is the lost city of Skara Brae. It is believed to be old, very very old. About 5,000 year old, making it date back farther than the pyramids.


The city was covered in sand dunes, making it one of the most well-preserved historic locations.


Most of the city had been destroyed except for 8 houses which were very well preserved which are believed to hold 50 to 100 people.


The homes also have a waterproof basin in the middle. This is where they were believed to keep fish which was a main part of their diet then.

All the homes are connected by underground tunnels, however, they all have stones blocking the entrances for privacy.


The huts had quite a few rooms, with one larger one for what would be the head of the household. It is amazing to think about what a simple action of moving a stone led to one of the greatest discoveries ever!

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