Police Officer Spotted Using Unconventional “Mr. Bean” Take Down Of Suspect [PHOTO]

Police officers, as we know, sometimes have to improvise to take down suspects. They do what they need to do. An image has been circulating of a cop looking as if he’s drawing a ‘finger gun’ to force a man to the ground. It’s providing some amusement.

The photo was taken in New Zealand and shared by Cop Humour Australia. It shows the lighter side of policing. They’re usually on our side. The snap captures the moment a NZ officer directs a suspect to the ground with his left hand ‘drawn’. His right lies just above his gun holster. Cowboys.

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Now sure, the cop in question is aided by some police with guns, so even if he is looking a little Mr. Bean, he’s probably just directing the suspect to the floor with the help of hardcore backup.

But many were all too quick to see the funny side of the scene. One Facebook user said: “He was probably yelling ”Bang, bang!” as well.”


Another thought the man must have forgotten to strap his weapon on in the morning.


But others offered far more boring –though helpful – perspectives on what was likely really happening.

“There are two – possibly three – officers with weapons brought to bear on the target,” said another commenter.

“The instructing officer has his right hand ready to draw his sidearm and is giving physical instructions with his left hand.

“The target can concentrate on the instructing officer and follow his directions knowing that if he doesn’t he will die from both the left and the right.

“It allows the officer instructing to concentrate on having the target’s full and undivided attention, and conveying to the target precisely what he wants him to do.”

Source: Mirror

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