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While Renovating Their Kitchen, They Found A Safe. Then They

If you’ve ever renovated an old home, you know that feeling of anticipation that the next wall you knock out might–unlikely as it may be–lead you to some hidden secret. A door to some long-forgotten room, maybe some historical artifacts, or… a safe full of $50,000!? Okay, $51,080 to be precise. That’s exactly what Eddie […]


A Couple Saw An Old Tin Sticking Out Of Their

Everyone dreams of finding buried treasure as a kid, but most of us have given up by the time we reach adulthood. While movies and books are filled with tales of “X marks the spot,” it just doesn’t seem to exist in the real world. Or does it? For this couple from Sierra Nevada, treasure […]


Loving Wife Pops Husbands Lump — Is Disgusted By What

A disturbing video clip showed a wife popping her husband’s gigantic pimple – and releasing a massive stream of fluid in the process (video below). In the clip, Khristina Powell films the moment that she squeezes the pimple on her husband’s face. The husband, Wade, can be seen wincing in pain as his wife squeezes […]


Woman Catches Husband Cheating Promptly EATS Half Their Life Savings

  Sandra Milena Almeida, 28-year-old from Colombia, physically swallowed $9,000 – the equivalent of £7,000 – in cash.  She found out her husband had cheated on her so she thought eating their life savings would be the best idea. According to reports, Almeida hid the cash in their house after finding out about her husband’s infidelity, and […]


$76,000 Later, Here’s What One Woman Looked Like Before Her

A transgender woman spent over $76,000 trying to attain the ideal female body after hiding the desire to change sexes for 40 years. 56-year-old Fulvia Pellegrino has endured a round of arduous surgeries to attain her current appearance including over 150 lip and cheekbone fillers, four breast implants and two series of liposuction. Pellegrino was […]


Man Goes To Hospital Complaining Of Persistent Cold, Gets Unexpected

A man in China was shocked to discover, thanks to an X-ray, that one of his lungs had apparently disappeared. According to reports, 32-year-old Yu Hang went to the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital School of Medicine in Zhejiang Province complaining of a cold that wouldn’t go away. Doctors took an X-ray, leading them to […]


Mother Asks Doctor For Natural Birth, Shocked To See What

A California mother knew that her new baby would be a bit heavier than average, but when she gave birth, everybody in the room was shocked by what they saw. Kelly Corsetti, her husband Scott, and their two children welcomed another addition to their family. On April 28, Kelly birthed another son, Valentino Corsetti. Prior […]


Man Faces Years Behind Bars For What He Did To

An Oregon man with a history of drug addiction has been charged with sexually assaulting a chicken. Joshua Woltmon, 27, from Medford, Oregon, was arrested on May 1 for charges including menacing, public indecency, disorderly conduct, theft, possession of methamphetamine and sexual assault of an animal, the Daily Mail reports. The man reportedly exposed himself […]


These Are Images Of The TERRIFYING Creatures That Live On

These horrifying creepy crawlies are enough to make your skin crawl. But there could be good reason for that – because they are living on your face. Almost everyone on Earth is a host for the creepy Demodex mites, which have eight legs and spend their whole lives crawling on your skin – including eating, […]

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