Woman Catches Husband Cheating Promptly EATS Half Their Life Savings [VIDEO]


Sandra Milena Almeida, 28-year-old from Colombia, physically swallowed $9,000 – the equivalent of £7,000 – in cash.  She found out her husband had cheated on her so she thought eating their life savings would be the best idea.

According to reports, Almeida hid the cash in their house after finding out about her husband’s infidelity, and was secretly planning to leave him. But then her husband found the stash and the two ended up arguing after her husband demanded half of it. In the middle of the argument, Ms Almeida swallowed the rolled-up notes in whole.


Ms Almeida, from Piedecuesta in the north-east of the country, was rushed to hospital the next day after suffering from severe abdominal pains. She didn’t inform the doctors about swallowing the money, but it later showed up in the x-rays as it was causing a blockage between her stomach and intestine.

She was rushed to an emergency surgery at the Santander University Hospital in Bucaramanga, and the medics team attending her needs were shocked to pull out hundreds of $100 notes.

They have managed to pull out around $5,700 after cleaning them and drying them out in the operating theatre. The cash has been passed on to the police, and a judge will now have to decide how to split it between the two.

The hospital’s chief surgeon, Juan Paulo Serrano, said the medical team initially thought Almeida was a drug mule when they saw small packets in her x-ray but they soon found out that it was just dollar bills.

“We took the patient into surgery for two procedures to clear the blockage, on her stomach and intestine,’” the surgeon said. “The dollar notes were washed and are in good condition, but the rest of the money was lost because of the gastric fluids.”.

An unidentified housemate who lives with the couple told local news channel, “They had a big argument, they were yelling and hitting each other. He was shouting that half the money was his, and she was in a fit of rage. That’s when she swallowed the money.”

Almeida made a full recovery from surgery and has been released from hospital.



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