While Renovating Their Kitchen, They Found A Safe. Then They Opened It… [PHOTOS]

If you’ve ever renovated an old home, you know that feeling of anticipation that the next wall you knock out might–unlikely as it may be–lead you to some hidden secret. A door to some long-forgotten room, maybe some historical artifacts, or… a safe full of $50,000!? Okay, $51,080 to be precise. That’s exactly what Eddie and Angie found while removing an old kitchen island in their newly purchased home. A floor safe was revealed.

With a little work, they got it open…

And were shocked when they saw what was inside.

While the safe didn’t seem that old (20 years at most), the contents seemed a bit older.

See the red seals on some of the bills? They stopped printing those in the early ‘60s. While the money was certainly exciting, it was the book inside that really made them curious.

“A Guide for the Perplexed,” stuffed with intriguing slips of paper.

Like this note to “Alan” from “Vincent.” Is this a treasure map? X does seem to mark the spot.

And the underlined passages in the book seem very unsual.

Fruitful results?

Could that have something to do with this strangely identified tree in an old photograph?

One tree certain does seem to become three. It seems like a movie or something.

The included bingo card could be another clue… or it might just be a bingo card.

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