Loving Wife Pops Husbands Lump — Is Disgusted By What Shoots Out [VIDEO]

A disturbing video clip showed a wife popping her husband’s gigantic pimple – and releasing a massive stream of fluid in the process (video below).

In the clip, Khristina Powell films the moment that she squeezes the pimple on her husband’s face. The husband, Wade, can be seen wincing in pain as his wife squeezes the red, irritated pimple. Finally, after several seconds of squeezing, the pimple erupts and a shocking amount of pus comes bursting out.

It’s not over yet, however – Powell notices that there’s still more pus inside the pimple, which was reportedly there for four years prior to the popping. She squeezes hard and lets one more giant stream of pus out before the ordeal is finally over.

“It was an instant relief when it was over,” Wade told the Daily Mail.

Despite the wife’s success in emptying the pimple, British Skin Foundation spokesperson Lisa Bickerstaffe told the Daily Mail that zits as serious as Wade’s should be handled by a doctor “to avoid scarring and possible infection.”

Many readers agreed, criticizing the wife for not taking health precautions when popping her husband’s pimple.

“No gloves, no anteseptic, long fingernails? Are you trying to infect that guy and get his face distorted! Please don’t tell us you totally scrubbed up first! How could he trust you to play doctor?” one Newsiosity reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“There is a need to be careful for the sake of the patient and the “popper”. Both are subject to serious infection. 5 1/2 yrs. I noticed a very small pimple on my left thigh. I decided to leave it alone . Good thing—– within 2 days I developed a staph infection necessitating surgery and home health care. Leave it alone!!!!” another added.

There are several myths about acne that doctors have long attempted to put to rest – some of which include supposed acne remedies that professionals say aren’t as helpful as people think. One common acne myth is that baking soda can be an exfoliator for skin that is prone to acne. In reality, InstaNatural brand development director Heather Wilson told Bustle, that is far from accurate.

“The concept is that baking soda acts as a gentle exfoliator because when mixed with water, it creates a mildly abrasive paste that sloughs away dead skin cells,” Wilson told the site. “While this is true in theory, baking soda has an alkaline pH of around 8.3. The skin is slightly acidic — about a pH of 4.5-5.5. When you apply an ingredient that is more alkaline, you can disrupt the skin’s acid mantle which is responsible for a strong skin barrier, keeping the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.”

In fact, baking soda could potentially make acne worse rather than better.

“Continual use of this ingredient on the skin can actually worsen acne problems. In addition, the alkalinity can cause redness, irritation, and dryness in the skin — so even if your breakouts clear up, you’ll be trading one challenge for another,” Wilson said.



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