A Couple Saw An Old Tin Sticking Out Of Their Lawn. What’s Inside Changed Their Lives Forever [PHOTOS]

Everyone dreams of finding buried treasure as a kid, but most of us have given up by the time we reach adulthood. While movies and books are filled with tales of “X marks the spot,” it just doesn’t seem to exist in the real world. Or does it?

For this couple from Sierra Nevada, treasure was waiting in their own backyard … the kind of treasure that would change their lives forever. They were taking their dog for a walk when they noticed an old, rusty can sticking out of the dirt.

But it wasn’t alone. There were 8 cans in total, each stuffed with large, gold coins.

The couple got to counting and soon discovered they had found over 1,427 gold coins – one of the biggest hoards ever found in the U.S.A.

The cannisters were rotting away, but the coins were in perfect condition. Each one was dated from the 1890s and held a $20 value – making a grand total of $27,980.

The coins went to auction in May 2014, and although we’re unable to ascertain the final sale price, specialists estimated the net value to be around $11 million.

So, next time you’re outside, poke around your own backyard. You never know what could be hiding.

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