“PRISON BREAK”: Ostrich Creates Online Sensation After Footage Shows It’s Daring Escape [VIDEO]

An ostrich that decided it wanted to see the world outside of his enclosure caused chaos after breaking free and running straight onto a main road.

The bird attempted its escape from a field, where it had been kept by its owner for many years, by smashing through a bamboo fence.

Its escape was short-lived after it ran headlong into a busy road, baffling motorists who were forced to pull out of the bird’s way .

After panicking on the road, the ostrich decided to change directions and turned into a nearby field.

Unfortunately, it didn’t appear to see the small ditch between the road and the grass.

It took a rather ungraceful tumble before it was finally caught by locals in Gongping Town, in south China’s Guangdong Province.

One local resident told CCTV News : “There were so many cars.

“It tried to keep away from cars all the time, and so it was running in a sort of zig zag way. Then it ran into a field.”

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