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Grandpa Facing 5 Year Prison Sentence For Snapping A Pictures

An American grandfather who came to the United Arab Emirates to speak at a conference on creative thinking was arrested last month for taking a photograph of a subject deemed off-limits by authorities. Robert Alan Black, 70, Athens, Georgia came to the United Arab Emirates to speak at a conference on creative thinking conference. While […]


Man Flies Drone Inside & Captures Breathtaking Footage Of Hole

A mysterious hole in a Lake caught by a drone footage by a YouTube user went viral. This is located in Napa County, California. Lake Berryessa is the largest lake in the area. This reservoir in the Vaca Mountains is formed by the Monticello Dam, which provides water and hydroelectricity to the North Bay region […]


Boy Is Told To Expect Vision Then ‘Virgin Mary’ Is

To witness the holy vision of a teenage mystic, thousands of people gathered at a shrine in Ireland, Saturday afternoon. The 14-year-old traveller revealed the Virgin Mary had appeared to him during a visit to Portuguese pilgrimage site Fatima last month and told him that she would reappear at Knock Shrine in County Mayo, Ireland, […]


This Is How She Looked Before Spending $45,000 On Surgery.

With enormous G-cup boobs and overinflated trout pout, Victoria Wild has transformed herself from girl-next-door to self-proclaimed ‘bimbo’ in a bid to be the next Jordan. The Latvian Barbie has forked out more than £20,000 on surgeries to perfect her glamour model body. And now the 30-year-old has set her sights on the UK, saying […]


Baby’s Coffin Found Only Containing Organs, And No Body [WATCH]

A child-size casket with a bag of organs inside, but no body, was found on a North Philadelphia sidewalk Monday night. The discovery was made about 9 p.m. on the 3100 block of West Clearfield Street across from Mount Vernon Cemetery. Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told CBS3: “According to the medical examiner, [they] were […]


Half-Naked Woman Dangles From Electric Lines After Falling From 4th

Bizarre footage has emerged showing a woman hanging by her foot from an electricity pylon after falling from a fourth floor window. The lady, who is pictured wearing only her underwear, miraculously survived after falling while washing windows in Benxi, north east China. When a wife returned home earlier than her husband expected, she came […]


Can You Spot The Creepy Reason, This Photo Is Going

The photo below is of a happy family of five. While it looks fairly normal, look closer. Do you see something that is a bit bizarre? Children have been picking up on it right away, but adults….not so much. The adults who have found the missing link in the photo have been known as being […]


Fisherman Makes Shocking Discovery Inside Fish’s Mouth [PHOTO]

A fisherman has described his shock after finding a mole inside the mouth of a bass he caught. Monroe MacKinney, 22, from Missouri, hooked the surprising catch at his parents’ eight-acre pond before snapping a picture. The amazing image shows the mole in the bass’s mouth with its hands either side of the fish’s throat, […]


Fishermen Caught An Extremely Rare Two-Headed Sea Creature. What happened

In all the time humans have been exploring the ocean, there have until now been just nine recorded sightings of conjoined aquatic mammals. The first known case of a two-headed harbour porpoise was documented last month when Dutch fishermen in the North Sea accidentally caught the anomalous creature as bycatch in a beamtrawl net. That’s […]


Paradise? Bali tourists Unknowingly Served Dog Meat In Upscale Restaurants

In the Indonesian island of Bali where natural resources are abundant, the weather is storybook perfect and the relaxed atmosphere attracts wealthy tourists, visitors are unknowingly eating dog meat where innocent and beloved pets are stolen, bludgeoned and poisoned before being sold as food. In an undercover investigation led by animal activist group Animals Australia, […]


Aggressive Beavers Pose Danger To Humans

Police are at their wits end after a string of attacks on unsuspecting swimmers and sunbathers. It seems the area surrounding a favorite swimming hole has become ground zero in a rash of attacks by over excited beavers. An official said the attacks may be the result of just one very hyper-aggressive beaver but they […]


Man Walking Along The Beach Spots Something No One Can

A bizarre creature washed up onto a beach in Perth, Australia. This weird blob has internet users scratching their heads the world over trying to crowdsource the animal’s origins. But is it such a mystery? You will need to read on to find out. People clambered over social media and websites trying to figure out […]


Man Has Unique Method For Getting Facebook Likes, Then He

A court in Algeria sentenced a man to two years in prison after he posted a photo where he dangled a baby from a high-rise balcony. He threatened to drop the toddler from the 15th story balcony if he didn’t receive 1,000 Facebook likes. “1,000 likes or I will drop him,” the photo caption on […]


Couple Receives Death Threats Over Color Of Their Home (Photos)

This looks like a happy couple – right? Well, they were happy until they painted their house in Harris County, Texas, a bright teal color and then got death threats! Peter and Keely Dubrova claim that the homeowner’s association (HOA) had approved the new color. They were simply trying to make the home feel more […]


These Creatures Swimming Around Off The Australian Coast Look Like

The ocean is full of terrifying creatures and recently The crew of the RV Investigator, led by Museums Victoria, has just completed an expedition across the abyss off the coast of Australia and they have seen some gnarly creatures. Sea spiders (pycnogonids) are one of the most extraordinary animals to inhabit the sea. They may not be […]


12 Embarrassing Selfie Fails. Don’t Forget To Check Behind You!

Whether we like it or not, selfies are here to stay. But let’s admit it, it’s either we love taking selfies, or we love looking at other people’s selfies. Taking selfies nowadays has gotten to a whole new level. It’s like art. Finding the right angle and looking your best has never been this competitive. […]


Meet The Father And Daughter That Used To Be Mother

For a transgendered person, coming out to their friends and family can be one of the most difficult experiences of their lives. For Eric Maison of Detroit and their daughter Corey, however, that worry was only one part of the story, because both had to go through the experience of revealing the truth to those […]


Incredible Footage Shows A Pair Of Elephants Working Together To

INCREDIBLE footage shows a pair of elephants working together to rescue a young calf from drowning. Filmed in the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea, the astonishing video shows the baby beast falling into a pool in the wildlife enclosure while standing beside one of the adult elephants. As the infant desperately splashes around […]


Award-winning Matador Brutally Gored To Death By Bull In Arena

He was taken to hospital with serious injuries to his lung and kidneys on Saturday, but he died on the way after suffering a heart attack. The five-year-old bull’s name was Provechito, which is Spanish slang for ‘burp’. Fandino won an earlier fight against the bull and cut off its ear. The animal was also […]


Woman Spots A Ball Of String In Her Boy’s Room,

When a Michigan mom went into her son’s room to clean it for him, she saw that he had left a ball of string in the middle of the floor. The mom, Jillian Duke, was not surprised by her boy’s messiness. He still relied on her to do the cleaning and wasn’t ashamed of living […]


Young Boy Gives Prescription Bottle To Mom, Says Teacher Gave

A South Carolina college apologized Monday after a faculty member, calling them “happy pills,” handed out M&Ms in prescription drug bottles to little kids at a fun run over the weekend. “While we know this professor meant the candy to serve as a treat, the method of distribution may have confused pre-school children whose parents […]

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