Man Walking Along The Beach Spots Something No One Can Explain. What Is This? [PHOTO]

A bizarre creature washed up onto a beach in Perth, Australia. This weird blob has internet users scratching their heads the world over trying to crowdsource the animal’s origins. But is it such a mystery? You will need to read on to find out.

People clambered over social media and websites trying to figure out what the animal might have been, with people making comments from the interesting to the patently absurd.

“It’s Meryl Streep’s long lost twin sister.”- Alley Oop

“It’s a Diane Abbottomus”- Jay Gatsby

“alright everyone calm down. It’s my mother in law.”- NJNATIVE5256

“Lena Dunham.”- ClassicRevival

“It doesn’t matter what it is as Bear Grylls will find a way to eat it.”- YellowYata

“I know what that is! That’s a Hillary Clinton. Was wondering where it has been hiding since the election.”- Anon.

“Is it one of the Brexit voters from Sunderland.”- Roger Tend

Of course, some commenters saw no reason for the panic and said things like:

“Obviously the remains of a Pterodactyl! Just as stupid a suggestion as any of the others here and on ‘the internet’ purporting it to be anything other than the remains of a Ray.”

“Again the internet is baffled. The internet is not very smart if it is baffled every week.- Gedgie

“If the internet is “baffled” it certainly doesn’t mean the experts are.”- McGarrigle

Many others decided that they had had enough with the yucks and were going to share what the mysterious creature really was with the rest of the internet.

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