• May 24, 2024

Can You Spot The Creepy Reason, This Photo Is Going Viral? [PHOTO]

 Can You Spot The Creepy Reason, This Photo Is Going Viral? [PHOTO]

The photo below is of a happy family of five. While it looks fairly normal, look closer. Do you see something that is a bit bizarre? Children have been picking up on it right away, but adults….not so much. The adults who have found the missing link in the photo have been known as being very detail-oriented or they have really analyzed the photo for a long period of time. Give it a shot…can you figure it out?

This is the photo a of family that has been viral

If you just can’t stare at the photo any longer, then here is a hint…whose arm is wrapped around the little girl on the far left? Clearly, it’s not her older sister’s hand, as that girl has both of her arms resting on her lap. And it’s not her mom because her arms are both holding the baby. The father’s arm is certainly not long enough to reach the entire length of the family and wrap around the little one. So, is this the work of a Photoshop expert or are we missing something?

Most people don’t even pick up on the fact that there is an additional arm around the little girl in the first place, but it was obviously put there for a reason by someone who wants to keep people on their toes. Unless of course it’s the mystery hand/arm of a ghost that miraculously appeared in the photo. Is there something this family is not telling us?

According to commenters, the additional arm wasn’t all that hard to find, but some had different theories on the big mystery…

One commenter said, “The older girl beside mom was Photoshopped in. The hand belongs to mom.”

Another one commenter said that, “The children at the end should be in the middle of mom and dad.”

And several feel that the extra arm is pretty creepy…

“Arm at the end which is spooky.” said by one of the commenter.

Sources:  America Now

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