Couple Receives Death Threats Over Color Of Their Home (Photos)

This looks like a happy couple – right? Well, they were happy until they painted their house in Harris County, Texas, a bright teal color and then got death threats! Peter and Keely Dubrova claim that the homeowner’s association (HOA) had approved the new color. They were simply trying to make the home feel more like their own when they painted it.

An anonymous realtor posted a photo of the teal home online and asked for opinions about its aesthetic appeal and value. That is when the harsh comments started. The Dubrovas were called white trash, and some people said they wanted to hang them for what they had done. Really? Hang them? What is wrong with people today?

If the HOA didn’t find anything wrong with the color – back off! Painting your house teal doesn’t make you white trash – come on! The Dubrovas have no idea what to do now. They are very upset by how people have reacted but do want to keep the color.

Not everyone thinks the house looks bad. However, one neighbor, Amanda Dennard said she thought it looked cute but that the color doesn’t fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. Okay, then it isn’t the Dubrovas fault – the HOA approved it.

Where I live, I don’t have an HOA to deal with, we all just live our lives and take care of things. I have heard that some HOA’s are militant and very unwilling to allow changes. It is their property, they got the HOA approval, they shouldn’t be threatened by others.

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