• June 15, 2024

12 Embarrassing Selfie Fails. Don’t Forget To Check Behind You! [PHOTOS]

 12 Embarrassing Selfie Fails. Don’t Forget To Check Behind You! [PHOTOS]

Whether we like it or not, selfies are here to stay. But let’s admit it, it’s either we love taking selfies, or we love looking at other people’s selfies.

Taking selfies nowadays has gotten to a whole new level. It’s like art. Finding the right angle and looking your best has never been this competitive.

Unfortunately, no matter how perfect we want our selfies to be, it sometimes ends up bad. Hilariously bad. Just like the selfies of these people, who no matter how hard they tried ended up with a bad selfie fail. Check out these hilarious selfie fails.

12. Feet-tastic

Most people love taking sleeping selfies. We’re not sure why but what we can tell is that most of them are faking it. They’re trying to be cute and everything but sometimes it fails so bad it’s hilarious. Just like this guy who’s faking that he’s taking a nap and someone snapped a photo of him. But the reflection in the mirror says it all. Next time, crop your photos before posting it on social media and make a fool out of yourself.

But the reflection in the mirror says it all. Next time, crop your photos before posting it on social media and make a fool out of yourself. However, his acting skills are superb.

11. When You See It

It looks like this team is celebrating their victory. And there’s nothing better than taking a group selfie, complete with the coach and the whole team. All smiles for everyone.

Although one player is busy but didn’t want to be left in the photo, so he sneaked up behind. Now, that made this group selfie even more epic. We’re pretty sure his other teammates weren’t aware, but when they see this, he’ll never hear the end of it.

10. What Traffic?

This girl is enjoying her Starbuck’s coffee and got bored, so she took a selfie. Complete with her aviators and full out, this was an almost perfect selfie. Until she decided to put the caption.

Girl, we can see the road reflecting from your sunglasses so you can’t lie to us. What traffic are you talking about?

9. More Than Hair

A new hairdo’ makes any woman giddy. Especially when the stylist gets exactly what was requested. Just like this woman who was so excited to brag her new hairdo’ she forgot to check other things.

Now we know what she and her partner had been up to before this photo. We can tell from the messy room, nude guy, and messy hair. Too much information in one photo.

8. The Shadow

Bathroom selfies are a thing now. Just ask this guy. He liked the lighting so much that he can’t help but take a selfie.

One thing, he forgot to check his background before posting this on social media. Now, this photo will haunt him for the rest of his life. Remember to always check your background. Or you’ll never hear the end of it.

7. Mirror Reflection

Aside from bathroom selfies, mirror selfies are a thing. It doesn’t only look cool, but you’ll get a double dose of yourself, for all the vain people out there.

Lana, unfortunately, forgot that it also inverts letters that are reflected in the mirror. So instead of reading her name, we see a different word spelled out. Now, you know.

6. Great Day

Selfies in the morning aren’t as popular because you’re not the best version of yourself yet. No makeup for the girls and underpants for this guy. But he doesn’t mind at all because it looked like he was having a great morning.

Maybe he was too happy that he forgot to check his background. Oh well, as long as he’s happy. The likes also do not lie.

5. Almost Perfect

The perfect angle, the perfect hair, the perfect pout but not the perfect background. This tattooed beauty sure looks like an adventurous woman.

Her beautiful face is perfectly captured in this selfie. Unfortunately, she forgot to clean up other things in her house. Check out her table behind.

4. Turf-Burn

This guy looks so manly bragging about his turf-burn. He even has the perfect pout and stare to make the photo more macho.

Unfortunately, just like the others who are too eager to take a selfie, he forgot that his background was a huge mirror. Now we can also see a glimpse of his bum. Not macho.

3. Selfie While Surfing

This cutie probably got bored surfing the net and decided to take a selfie break. So she decided to put on her sunglasses and strike a pose. But she forgot one thing and we can all see that mistake.

Now we know what she’s checking out. Next time ditch the sunglasses especially if it’s already dark. You’ll never know the things reflected on the lens.

2. Me, Myself And Bum

The piercing stare, the macho pout, and leather jacket seal the deal. It’s almost a perfect selfie until you check his background.

Hey, dude, you forgot the most important thing. You wouldn’t want your macho image to be ruined by this pantless selfie, right?

1. Ready To Party

This blonde is all set and ready to party. But just one selfie before she leaves and have fun with her girls.

Her hair is perfect, makeup is flawless, the outfit looks good but looks like she already had fun in the shower. Just see what I mean. This one is a major fail.

Now that you’ve seen these hilarious selfie fails, you know what to do next time. Don’t be too caught in the moment or else you’ll end up the laughing stock.

Always check your background and forget to put wear pants and clean up your space before taking a selfie so you won’t regret it. Because once it’s posted online, you’ll never see and hear the end of it.

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