• June 12, 2024

Half-Naked Woman Dangles From Electric Lines After Falling From 4th Floor[VIDEO]

 Half-Naked Woman Dangles From Electric Lines After Falling From 4th Floor[VIDEO]

Bizarre footage has emerged showing a woman hanging by her foot from an electricity pylon after falling from a fourth floor window.

The lady, who is pictured wearing only her underwear, miraculously survived after falling while washing windows in Benxi, north east China.

When a wife returned home earlier than her husband expected, she came upon a scene even crazier than something out of a movie. As she caught her husband and his lover in the act, what unfolded proved to be a painful lesson for the mistress and sweet validation for the wife.

Another bizarre cheating video has surfaced out of China, where last week a woman caught her husband in bed with his mistress, only to dish out a painful dose of karma to them both. This time, the mistress leaped from a window to avoid being caught by her lover’s wife and subsequently became tangled in some electrical wires.

Wearing only her underwear, the woman can be seen in photos hanging by her feet from the cables high above the ground as a crowd of astonished onlookers forms beneath her, recording the scene with their smartphones and watching to see if she will fall.

It is unclear whether the woman survived the ordeal or if she was injured, but from the looks of the way she was entangled in the wires and seemingly not moving, it seems unlikely that she would have walked away unscathed.

Her horrified husband was at home with her at the time but he was unable to catch her before she fell.

The unnamed woman was caught in the cables which run between buildings in the street between the second and third floor levels.

She fainted from the shock of the incident and was left hanging prone from the cables with shocked onlookers fearing the worst.

But firefighters quickly arrived on the scene and safely removed her from the power lines and brought her back down to the ground.


Sources: www.dailymail.co.uk

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