Blood Thirsty Mom Did This In A Walmart Bathroom

Utah authorities said today they have sought preliminary charges against a woman arrested in a local Walmart store for child abuse. The subject allegedly pulled two of her son’s teeth out with pliers in the department store’s bathroom. That’s right, she pulled his teeth out with a pair of pliers, a real loving mother. A police spokesperson has called the incident “child abuse in its purest form.”


Officials told reporters, the mother, who they identified as, Jeannine Cherilynn Isom, (no age given) entered Walmart on April 2, where she purchased hand sanitizer and needle nose pliers. Then according to the local authorities, Isom then took her 7-year-old son into the restroom and extracted two of his teeth using the new set of pliers.

American Fork, Utah Police Sgt. Cameron Paul told the local ABC4 affiliate, “She proceeded to use the needle nose pliers to extract both teeth, both of his upper front teeth in his mouth.”.The child’s older brother and a store employee reported hearing the boy screaming and took him from the bathroom. According to the arrest documents,the boys mother did not use any type of anesthetic.

Sgt Paul explained, “When she proceeded to extract them, they didn’t come out in one whole piece. There were multiple pieces. So that illustrates that they were still very attached to this child’s mouth.”

Paul told reporter that it appeared that only one of the boy’s teeth was loose “and the other was only a little loose.” In Utah, the charges Isom is facing is considered a second-degree felony for “intentionally or knowingly inflict serious physical injury upon a child” in addition to the initial charge of one count of child abuse.

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