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Girl Refused Access To Water Slide Because Of What Was

An Ohio mom said her diabetic daughter was not allowed to ride a water slide at a public water park because she was wearing an insulin pump. Beth McBride said her 12-year-old daughter, Alexis, was told by a lifeguard that she couldn’t ride water slides at a water park with her insulin pump, which she […]


109 People Contract Illness From Papayas Linked To Mexican Farm

Those sickened can experience diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain and fever. The illness can be more severe when contracted by young children, older adults and people with weakened immune systems.   U.S. health officials say more people have contracted salmonella by eating papayas from a farm in southern Mexico. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and […]


Study Finds Second Born Children Are Most Likely To Have

A recent study has concluded that second-born children are more likely to end up getting in trouble at school or having issues with the law later in life—a finding that is sure to bring much pleasure to older siblings everywhere. Researchers from MIT, Northwestern and University of Florida (plus a few others) followed thousands of sets […]


Polygamist Who Married 25 Women And Fathered 145 Children Found

A former religious leader has been found guilty of polygamy after marrying more than two dozen women over the course of 25 years. Winston Blackmore, 60, and James Oler, 53, were convicted of practising plural or “celestial” marriage in the fundamentalist community of Bountiful, B.C. Blackmore was charged with practicing plural or ‘celestial’ marriage after […]


Man Forced To Pay $65,000 In Child Support For A

A man is battling in court that mandates him to pay $65,000 for child support for a child whom not his. The court ruled that a Texas man is responsible for more than $65,000 in child support despite not being the biological father of the child in question. Gabriel Cornejo, a father of three who […]


Toddler Goes Viral After Patiently Waiting For The Beat To

We know how rough Mondays can be and while the only real remedy is a new day, sometimes a funny viral video can help us get through the long hours ahead. A video of an adorable toddler girl dancing epically to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” has gone viral because of her too-cute dance moves. First, […]


Mom Distraught After Discovering Who Husband Of 8yrs Was Having

The anonymous mother is from the U.S., the Daily Mail reported. She reached out to Ravishly’s “Ask Erin” advice column for help. “I found out in December 2015 that my oldest daughter and my husband were messing around behind my back,” the mother wrote. “I confronted them and their response was all lies. “Since then, […]


2yo and 3yo Boys Took Their Mom’s Car And Went

Two young brothers took a 3-mile joyride down a road that led them halfway to their grandfather’s house before running off the road into a barrier. The older boy, 5-year-old, reached the brake and gas pedals, while his toddler brother, 2-year-old, took control of the steering wheel, reports say. These clever boys knew that their mother […]


Man Arrested For Speeding Ends Up Missing His Baby’s Birth

A father in Louisiana was reportedly arrested for reckless driving while they were on the way to the hospital for the birth of their child. “No mother should have to experience that. At all,” new mother Bridget Evans said. Bridget said the birth date of her child should have been the happiest day of her […]


Seventy-Five Year Old Disappearance May Be Solved

For more than seventy years, a mystery has surrounded the disappearance of a couple that left their home one morning to milk their cows and were never seen again. But now, authorities believe they may be able to solve the mystery surrounding them with the discovery of two bodies in a remote Swiss Glacier. At […]


Bad News For Mother And Son Involved In An Intimate

Mother-son relationship was turned into romance, declaring their love for each other even after pleaded guilty to incest.   Monica Mares, 36, and her son, Caleb Peterson, 19, face charges of incest with a maximum sentence of 18 months. Incest is a crime in all 50 states, but the details of the law differ from […]


Wife Devastated After Failing To Save Skydiver Husband Who Said

Costanza Zitellini, 25-years-old, was left devastated after running to Skydive Deland, where her husband was doing the jump, and asked an employee to stop her husband immediately, according to reports. The wife explained to the first employee she found and said she’d just received a video from Vitantonio, saying her husband was ‘not going to pull the […]


Young Mother Arrested After Showing Her Kids A ‘Good Time’

A young mother has allegedly been arrested after being pictured towing her children in a toy wagon behind her car on a busy road while signing other vehicles to go past and overtake her. Alana Nicole Donahue, 27-year-old, is now reportedly at risk of losing custody of the kids following this horrific stunt back in […]


Responders Arrive At Home To Find 3yo Murdered By Parents,

Parents were accused for killing their 3-year-old daughter who was found with signs of abuse all over her body and was extremely malnourished. Miller Costello, 25, and Brenda Emile, 22, are now facing charges of aggravated murder for the death of their daughter, Angelina Costello. In July 6, the victim was found in their family […]


Mom Arrested After Leaving 5yo Son Inside Hot Car, Complains

A Florida woman has allegedly been charged after leaving her 5-year-old child in a hot car, and then complained to police that it was too hot when she was put in the back of the police cruiser during her arrest. According to reports, the authorities responded to a report of a child left in a […]


Stepdad Beat 5yo Boy To Death For Losing Shoe In

  A man of the United Kingdom, became furious when his stepson lost his shoe in a park, and viciously beat him. 38-year-old Marvyn Iheanacho took his wife’s 5-year-old son Alex Malcolm, to numerous places before stopping at Mountsfield Park, in London. When it was time to leave, the boy told Iheanacho that he was […]


Mothers Undying Love For Her Terminal Child Captured Heartwarming Moments

Here is a heartwarming story. Derek Madsen, a 10 year-old boy in California experienced a sudden change in his life during the summer of 2005. He had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, which was a rare form of cancer commonly found in young children. Cindy French, his mother, made a lot of sacrifices to support her son throughout his treatment. […]

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