Man Arrested For Speeding Ends Up Missing His Baby’s Birth [VIDEO]

A father in Louisiana was reportedly arrested for reckless driving while they were on the way to the hospital for the birth of their child.

“No mother should have to experience that. At all,” new mother Bridget Evans said.

Bridget said the birth date of her child should have been the happiest day of her life, but instead, it turned into a nightmare.

Reports say Bridget went into labor seven weeks early and her husband Zak Evans immediately began driving her to the hospital for the delivery, not noticing he was already going beyond the maximum.

The authorities said on the way to the hospital, they clocked Zak doing 108 in a 55mph zone, and passing people on the shoulder.

“No I didn’t have time to look at the speedometer. I was worried about her, about the blood going down and about my baby dying,” Zak argued.

According to police Zak’s high speed and failure to pull over, was what got him arrested.

“From my understanding, Mr. Evans was very irate, threatening to get everyone if he missed his wife’s pregnancy,” said Creola Police Chief Heath Landry.

An ambulance finished taking Bridget to the hospital, while Zak was taken to jail to get booked. However, the hospital later called and intervened on behalf of Zak.

“My officer decided to just write citations because apparently a doctor called that there might be issues possibly with the pregnancy,” said Landry.

But it was too late; Zak missed the birth of his child, Letty Evans. The family says they are looking past the incident and are just thankful the baby is healthy.

Source: Daily Mail


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