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Thugs Surprised Attempting To Rob Granny

On Monday evening, police officers were called to the home of an elderly woman following a break-in resulting in an assault with a deadly weapon. When offices arrived at the home of the 60-year-old Texas woman they were prepared for the worst. But boy did they get a surprise. But the elderly lady that police […]

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This Machine Gun Suppressor Meltdown Is What America Is All

By David Hookstead, Daily Caller A viral video is sweeping across of a suppressor being meltdown from a machine gun. The video, which was originally posted July 6, has been popping up all over the place, and it’s probably because it’s dripping with everything that makes America great. “The suppressor used in this video was a Silencerco […]

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WATCH AS Monster Gator Steals Trophy Catch

We have sat on the riverbank or our boats and daydreamed of catching that “big one”, you know the fish that we will tell stories about for the rest of our lives. But few of use ever actually do catch it. I personally caught an estimated 20 pound catfish one time only to have it […]

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Roofing Company Is Giving Away The Most American Thing Ever

The Digital Roofing Innovations is making rounds on the internet with its early marketing campaigns as they celebrate Independence Day with an unusual special: a free AR-15 with every new roof. Their July 4 ad promoting the special on Facebook had been shared more than 400 times in its first six hours online. “Donald Trump says make America […]

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14yo Boy’s Trip To Gun Range Turns Into A Suicide

A Florida teen reportedly died at a Deerfield Beach shooting range in an apparent suicide on July 2, Thursday afternoon, authorities said. The 14-year-old, Vincent “Vinnie” Colonna, shot himself while he was with his father at the Gun World gun range, the Broward Sheriff’s Office reported, according to CBS Miami. Vinnie’s father confirmed he was at […]

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Florida Judge Says Stand Your Ground Law Is Unconstitutional

By Benjamin Decatur, Daily Caller A Miami judge ruled Monday that Florida’s new “Stand Your Ground” law is unconstitutional, arguing that the updated law should have been crafted by the Florida Supreme Court, rather than the Legislature. Florida’s original Stand Your Ground law was first passed in 2005, forcing prosecutors to prove by “clear and convincing” evidence […]

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Medieval Sword Found In Unlikely Place

Last month, a worker uncovered a medieval sword, while he was using a backhoe to drain a peat bog. At just over three pounds the 4 foot long sword was a fine example of Medieval workmanship. Researchers are saying that the remarkably well-preserved sword dates from about the 14th century and was found in a […]

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SCOTUS Keeps Door Open On “Travel Ban”, Slams It In

The Supreme Court kept the Trump administration’s claim of authority to limit travel from six “Muslim majority countries” alive for the time being and dashed hope for gun owners seeking redress for their right to bear arms, SCOTUSBlog reported Monday. “The Supreme Court is letting a limited version of the Trump administration ban on travel […]

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Justice Thomas Calls Out The Supreme Court For Not Believing

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas had stern words for his colleagues when the Court declined to hear a case challenging California’s handgun laws, saying that the jurists do not understand the importance of self-defense. The case, supported by the National Rifle Association, involves San Diego resident Edward Peruta, who challenged his county’s refusal to grant him […]

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Seattle Gun Tax Backfires As Gun-Related Deaths Double

Seattle City Councilman Tim Burgess introduced a bill in 2015 to place a $25 tax on every firearm sold and a 5-cent tax on every ammunition round sold. Since the tax took effect, gun violence has risen and gun sales have decreased, leading to a much smaller payout than the city expected, Fox News Reports. […]

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Dem Rep’s Genius Plan For Getting Men To Support Gun

Connecticut Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Esty told attendees at an LGBTQ Pride Fund event Wednesday that using the term “gun control” turns off 15 percent of men, the Connecticut Post reported. The preferred term should be “gun safety,” Esty said. “Believe me, in the U.S. Congress, we can’t afford to lose 15 percent of any constituency, much […]

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How To Disarm Your Citizens: A Brief History Of Gun

One cannot help but experience a bit of schadenfreude what with major parts of England being destroyed all around the country, over and over again.  One thinks automatically, that every time it happens there, it doesn’t happen here. I wonder, though, if there is a reason why it keeps happening over there, and not here […]

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Holder Could Face New Charges In Fast And Furious

In a scathing report released today, the House Oversight Committee took aim at former Obama accomplice Attorney General Eric Holder and his Department of Justice for covering up Operation Fast and Furious and deliberately misleading Congress’ investigation into the ill-conceived gun-running operation. Congresses nearly 300-page report says that the Justice Department under Holder “actively tried […]

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HEAVILY ARMED Homeowners Are Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

SAN ANTONIO – As they patrol their Northwest Bexar County neighborhoods, a group of armed homeowners is putting criminals on notice. A former army infantryman who lives in the Cobblestone neighborhood off Culebra Road started the Crime Deterrence Unit there in September. A number of car break-ins and a shooting near his home led to […]

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Sick Of Rosie Running Her Mouth, Tom Selleck Has Had

It’s become commonplace in our society for celebrities to use their influence to spread their ideas on government and politics. Such is the case in this clip from The Rosie O’Donnell show. In this ludicrous interview, Rosie uses the platform of her interview with Tom Selleck to discuss her stance on gun control. Selleck appeared […]

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