• June 12, 2024

WATCH AS Monster Gator Steals Trophy Catch

 WATCH AS Monster Gator Steals Trophy Catch

We have sat on the riverbank or our boats and daydreamed of catching that “big one”, you know the fish that we will tell stories about for the rest of our lives. But few of use ever actually do catch it. I personally caught an estimated 20 pound catfish one time only to have it shake free as I was trying to put it in the catch-well and flop back into the water. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.

I can safely say that almost every angler has lost a huge fish at some point in time, but rarely does anyone loose one like a boy named Connor did a couple of months ago. Fortunately, for all of us, and Connor, he has a video to prove that he did in fact catch a really big fish, even if he didn’t get to keep it. The clip posted below shows Connor as he hooks a big Red fish and at first, everything seems to be going to plan.

We see the fish and even hear a man standing next to him say, “He’s right here.” Then the cameraman repeats, “He’s right here!” as the young man reels the fish in. But then suddenly, we realize that the men aren’t referring to the Red fish. As Connor reels the fish toward the dock, a huge alligator suddenly appears in frame, swims up, and casually snatches the young anglers catch.

Then with utter disdain for the two men, the boy and the camera, the huge gator slowly turns towards the opposite shore and lazily swims away as the the stolen Red fish hangs from its jaws. After a few seconds of silence, when hear one of the men advise Connor, “Dude, you need to cut your line,” as the gator continues across the lake.

Hey, at least Connor has the video, which is more than I have of my catfish. Enjoy the video…


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