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ALERT: A Nuclear Catastrophe May Be On The Way…

There is nothing good and clear about war. That is the thing about war, it is messy. It turns out that once a military operation has been set in motion, it’s really hard to ensure that certain assets receive the proper care—like nuclear reactors. Russian and Ukrainian forces have been exchanging fire for the last several […]

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Breaking: Pentagon Imposes Emergency Shutdown of Its Secret Internet Protocol

The Pentagon on Tuesday ordered the emergency shutdown of a classified internal communications network, three Defense Department sources confirmed. The unprecedented daytime shutdown comes amid recent revelations that other federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, were breached by hackers. The Defense Department alerted employees that the SIPRNET system was being shut down in the […]

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CHILLING: Deep State Chat Log INTERCEPTED & What Is On

Obama’s “Deep State” shadow government is something that is very real. Even before certain Democrats decided to oust the Ex-Potus’s secret plans on the news. And, because of all this information, the rabbit hole continues to deepen daily. There are people in certain groups that have the ability to surf the ‘deep web’. These people are […]

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State Dept Finds 588 Violations, 38 People ‘Culpable’ In Violations

A State Department report into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for government business, obtained by Fox News on Friday, found dozens of individuals at fault and hundreds of security violations. The report summarized an administrative review of the handling of classified information relating to Clinton’s private email server used during her tenure as the nation’s […]

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China Preparing For The Worst With North Korea

Last week we told you that the U.S. Has curtailed all travel to North Korea, and cancelled all visas effective the 20th of next month. In addition, China has moved thousands of troops to positions along its border with its neighbor in what the Chinese military has admitted is an effort to control the border […]

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ICE Director: Makes HUGE Statement About Sanctuary Cities [VIDEO]

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) acting director Thomas Homan slammed sanctuary cities Wednesday evening, calling them “un-American.” The acting director’s comments underscore the friction between the Trump administration and so-called sanctuary cities. During his live interviews in Fox News, Homan said, “I’ve been doing this job almost 34 years and sanctuary cities, in my opinion, […]

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Dreams Turn To Nightmares For Illegals

One of Barack Obama’s most successful attempts at destroying our country was his attempt to by-pass congress and grant virtual immunity to illegals that have been called “Dreamers”. That program gave protected status to approximately 800,000 young illegals saving them from deportation. But now, the program concocted by the most unamerican President in history is likely […]

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FBI Investigating Over 1,000 ISIS Threats In U.S.

This week, an FBI expert on domestic-terrorism told reporters that currently there are over 1,000 active investigations into ISIS related threats within the United States. What is worse is that those under investigation are for the most part American citizens and reside in every state in the nation. One such example centers around a 29-year-old […]

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