• June 24, 2024

Roofing Company Is Giving Away The Most American Thing Ever With Purchase Of Roof [VIDEO]

 Roofing Company Is Giving Away The Most American Thing Ever With Purchase Of Roof [VIDEO]

The Digital Roofing Innovations is making rounds on the internet with its early marketing campaigns as they celebrate Independence Day with an unusual special: a free AR-15 with every new roof.

Their July 4 ad promoting the special on Facebook had been shared more than 400 times in its first six hours online.

“Donald Trump says make America great again. I say make America gun again. MAGA!” Owner Zach Blenkinsopp says in the ad. Blenkinsopp was shirtless, wearing cowboy boots, an American flag hat and short star-patterned shorts while holding an AR15.

He added, “Some of you might be sitting there saying, ‘Man, this sounds like a gimmick.’ A gimmick you say? Well I’m a gosh darn Navy veteran, active duty eight and a half years. My roofing company’s not a gimmick and this baby’s not either. It’s here to protect you and your family.” 

After the roof work is completed, the company will give each customer a voucher that can be redeemed for either an AR-15, a pistol, a hunting rifle or a $500 gift card good at Cypress Creek Indoor Range in Florence.

Customers will still have to go through all the regular legal channels they would to buy a gun at any other brick-and-mortar store in Alabama.

“I’ve traveled a lot outside the U.S. I’ve got tons of gay friends that identify whatever way they do,” Blenkinsopp said. “Even though in the video you might picture me as a backwoods redneck, me and my partner are well-traveled, educated guys.” 

Source: Daily Mail

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