Thugs Surprised Attempting To Rob Granny

On Monday evening, police officers were called to the home of an elderly woman following a break-in resulting in an assault with a deadly weapon. When offices arrived at the home of the 60-year-old Texas woman they were prepared for the worst. But boy did they get a surprise.

But the elderly lady that police have declined to name, wasn’t about to take any chances when she heard the sound of the two thugs breaking into her home on Monday night. She told police when she heard the sound of the men entering her home, she grabbed up her pistol and when she saw them, she opened fire. Police said that at least one of the suspects was hit and later died at the scene.

The woman said she confronted the two armed men after they entered her Harris County home through an open garage door around 11:30 a.m. WTSP reported that Cathy Hanks, a neighbor, told them; “it’s not surprising the woman fired her pistol when she saw a threat in her home, That’s really how we are. That’s just Texas. It’s the state of Texas. If you’re going to go into someone’s home, you’re going to get shot.”

Harris County Sheriff’s Office’s spokesman Thomas Gilliland told WTSP that both intruders — neither of whom were identified — were armed with pistols when the woman confronted them. She fired several shots and struck at least one man, who collapsed and died in her front yard. Police found a gun next to the dead man’s body. His accomplice jumped over the fence and escaped, though it’s unclear if he was wounded in the incident.

The woman was not injured in the incident. She did not know the intruders, WTSP reported. Police are still looking for the second intruder, described as a man in his 20’s who was last seen wearing dark clothing with red underwear peeking out of his pants running like hell trying to get away from a pistol packing old lady.

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