• June 15, 2024

Stepdad Beat 5yo Boy To Death For Losing Shoe In Park [RAW-CCTV-VIDEO]

 Stepdad Beat 5yo Boy To Death For Losing Shoe In Park [RAW-CCTV-VIDEO]


A man of the United Kingdom, became furious when his stepson lost his shoe in a park, and viciously beat him.

38-year-old Marvyn Iheanacho took his wife’s 5-year-old son Alex Malcolm, to numerous places before stopping at Mountsfield Park, in London.

When it was time to leave, the boy told Iheanacho that he was unable to find his black shoe as it was already dark outside.

Sarah Strugnell, who witnessed the incident unfold, told the Woolwich Crown Court that Malcolm was crying as he said “sorry” for losing the shoe.


Soon thereafter, she heard the park gate rattling as if someone was punched it. She heard around eight punches in quick succession.

Iheanacho then left with the boy and headed home. When he arrived, the stepfather carried the boy’s limp body. When the boy’s mother Lilya Breha asked what happened to her son, Iheanacho said that he fell asleep.



When Breha tried calling an ambulance, her husband attacked and choked her.

When she finally managed to call for help, the boy was rushed to a hospital, where doctors determined that he suffered severe head injuries and internal bruising of his abdomen.

He underwent emergency surgery, but he died two days later. Iheanacho was arrested and charged with murder.


Prosecutors Eleanor Laws, QC, said that Iheanacho refuses to take responsibility for his actions and he claims the child suffered the injuries by falling in the park.

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