Heartbreaking Photo Shows Gift Grandma Gave 7-Month-Old That Accidentally Killed Him

Receiving gifts, especially from our family, is absolutely heartwarming. However, a mother in Washington is grieving after the gift that she received had caused tragedy to her family.

Pediatricians and health experts release recommendations and findings based on research and best practices. In other words, they want to help reduce the number of infant deaths from preventable means. Sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS has decreased drastically since pediatricians started recommending safer sleeping habits. If babies are placed in cribs with no pillows or blankets, they’re less likely to suffocate. As a result, SIDS rates went down drastically. Nevertheless, tragedy still strikes young families. And they’re always heartbreaking.

7-month-old Sloan DeRosiers

In a heart-wrenching post, Jordan DeRosier explained how she lost her 7-month-old son, Sloan. She is sending a warning to everyone who would listen. And now that her post has gone viral, Jordan’s honesty has acted as a caution to other parents, helping them keep their babies safe at night.

Jordan never thought it would happen to Sloan. But after it did, she realized that she needed to help other parents from making the same mistake.

Although pediatricians warned Jordan about SIDS, she put Sloan to sleep with a blanket that his great-great grandmother had made years ago. It was the very blanket that Sloan had slept with every night since his birth.

Because Jordan thought Sloan was old enough for the blanket, she wrapped him in it inside his crib. He was walking, crawling and climbing already. But the American Association of Pediatrics would have warned her against it – urging Jordan not to put anything in Sloan’s crib until he was more than a year old.

That night, Sloan’s blanket wrapped around his head. He then got caught between the bars of his crib. The next morning Jordan found her son’s body cold and blue.

The next six hours were the worst time in the lives of Sloan’s parents. Paramedics and detectives rushed to the scene asking questions and demanding answers from the parents.

Sloan was dead. His tiny body could not be revived and was laid lifeless on the ottoman.

At first, Sloan’s parents blamed vaccines for their son’s death. But that was just an excuse. It took courage for Jordan to come forward and admit the truth – the blanket she had given her son was the cause of his downfall. And of course, both parents felt immense guilt for not being more cautious and listen to their son’s doctors.

The DeRosiers know that if they had never given Sloan the blanket, he might still be with them. But now they have no peace in their hearts knowing that their son’s death was preventable. Although a horrific accident, they can’t help blaming themselves.

Now Jordan wants to warn other parents and help them avoid this simple mistake. To protect her son, she simply needed to put him the crib without blankets, pillows, sheets or stuffed animals. She wrote a heart-wrenching post to warn others and help protect them from the tragedy.

Although people have been critical of DeRosier for leaving the blanket in her son’s crib, she wanted to share the truth – because it could save lives.

Article Sources: American Web Media Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, People Human Interest


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