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Servicemen Stop To Assist Stranded Woman, Had No Clue What’s

A woman’s Facebook post about an act of kindness she experienced has gone viral. Mary Mingo Williams in Texas posted on Facebook about her heartwarming encounter with several military men. Williams said she had just left work when she ran out of gas in the middle of the road. “I got out and started pushing […]


Humble Farmer Is Mocked During Shark Tank Episode, Then He

A hardworking farmer went on ABC’s reality show “Shark Tank” to pitch his product, which simply exists to improve the lives of other farmers, and was mocked for his lack of business expertise. But by the end of his pitch, he had an investor and had won over the hearts of all the sharks on […]


Witness Takes Photograph Of Horrible Wreck After Noticing What’s In

  Dozens of strangers in Ruskin, Florida came together to help car accident victims on the highway. A Ford Excursion with three passengers was driving down I-75 when one of its rear tires suddenly blew out. This caused the driver to lose control, swerve into the grassy median and flip over the guardrail. The SUV […]


A Cop Was Approached By A Woman At The Store,

A heartwarming story was recently shared by a police officer on Facebook. The officer describes an encounter with an elderly woman while picking up a few items from the local grocery store. It was posted to the “Police Lives Matter” Facebook page and you can read the post below. I was in the grocery store […]

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Chick-fil-A CEO Pledges to Father To Uphold Christian Values and

Chick-fil-A has always been a family-owned, privately held company known for serving delicious chicken meals with a heartwarming side dish of hospitality. As leadership responsibilities of one of the nation’s largest fast-food chains passed from father to son, Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy promised his father that the company’s founding values would remain the same. It […]


Zoo Staff Makes No Effort To Save Drowning Chimp, Suddenly

Rick Swope was standing right in front of the field and decided to step in and help instead of watching on the sidelines while animals are drowning. Just as the chimps began to chase each other around the enclosure’s trees, one slipped and plunged into the moat surrounding the exhibit. It was obvious that the […]


For This Woman, Losing Half Her Weight Meant Changing Her

An obese woman who tipped the scales at 275lbs is a weight-loss success story that inspired the world by her transformation. Christine Carter, 28, from Dallas, lost 150lbs in 16 months and gained the confidence to ditch her ex, who she claims encouraged her to put on weight so she wouldn’t leave him. At her […]


Husband Abrubtly Pulls Over To Side Of The Road, Their

Tara Carter is both a proud mother and a proud wife, and she has every reason to be. Her husband, Chris, is just one of those guys who always does the right thing, even if it means having to work a little for a complete stranger. Recently, the family was driving down the road when […]


These Rowdy Teens Stumble Into Taco Bell, As He Approached

Inside Taco Bell at West Palm Beach, Florida, a man named Josh Walker witnessed an unbelievable act of kindness from a stranger to a group of teens. Josh was inspired to tell the story to the world in hopes that people would pay attention and share the same kindness to others. “Sitting in Taco Bell […]


Toddler Goes Viral After Patiently Waiting For The Beat To

We know how rough Mondays can be and while the only real remedy is a new day, sometimes a funny viral video can help us get through the long hours ahead. A video of an adorable toddler girl dancing epically to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” has gone viral because of her too-cute dance moves. First, […]


Meth Addict Shares Photo Of Transformation After Getting Clean And

A woman who goes by the username LostWingNut shared a photo of her transformation after she quit using meth on the website Imgur. Methamphetamine was discovered in 1919 and originally used to treat many disorders such as depression, alcoholism, obesity and attention deficient disorder. However, doctors soon realized it did more harm than good and […]


It Wasn’t Until They Get Home That They Realized How

A Florida man taking maternity photos of his wife captured the moment an attention-hungry dolphin jumped out of the water to photobomb the pregnant woman. A once in a lifetime shot. Viewer Dan Mozer shared this image of his wife Angeline as they were taking maternity shots at Atlantic Beach. #Dolphinphotobomb A post shared by […]


Cop Rushes To Scene Of Hit-And-Run, Heart Drops When He

A police officer went above and beyond the call of duty when he rescued a 2-year-old boy who was left in a car after his mother allegedly crashed into a fire hydrant and fled. When LAPD Ofr. John Neal Cooke arrived on scene to the crash early Saturday morning, he thought it was just a […]


These Twins Think They’re Still In The Womb, Their Introduction

There’s no denying that twins have a special bond. Even before they’re born, they spend months and months growing together in an enclosed space, sharing all the nutrients their mum gives them, listening to their parents talking to them, every day growing stronger and more ready for life outside the womb. And much has been […]


Tough Pro Athlete Escorts Terminally Ill Teen To Her Last

A terminally ill teen was escorted by a pro rugby player to her last school dance. A school formal is a big moment for any young woman, but for Hannah Rye it was something she could have only dreamed of. The teenager from Mount Vincent in the Hunter has a terminal cancer. Hannah is a […]


Two Cops Showed Up To Their House Unexpectedly, Then Mom

A mother posted the experience she encountered on Facebook after playing with her son in the morning as unexpected turn of event happened when two police cars appeared in their driveway. She do not know why they were there until she found out who the culprit is. As most of our friends and family know, […]


She Watches Him Throw Sack In River. When She Realizes

A Good Samaritan risked her life and dives into the river to rescue puppies giving them second chance at life. The Good Samaritan who wishes to remain anonymous saw a stranger as he walked over to the Mokelumne River with a burlap sack and then hurled it through the air and into the water. She […]


A Family Adopted An Orphan Who Was Close To Death.

A couple from Wellington adopted a abandoned girl from Bulgaria who only weighed 40 pounds. The Salem family is pretty special. Adeye and Anthony have three biological sons named Connor, Kellan and Cade. Now the Wellington couple has adopted six special needs children from around the world. “We wouldn`t have life any other way. It`s […]


Rescuers Found A Stolen Dog During A Raid, Then Her

A Pit Bull who went missing more than a year ago has been rescued during a cockfighting raid in South Carolina and is now reunited with her owners. This is the amazing, heartwarming tale of a very rough journey taken by a beloved Pit Bull named Nina Louise. April Morris of Bennetsville, SC, searched for nearly two years after […]

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