Two Cops Showed Up To Their House Unexpectedly, Then Mom Writes This Online

A mother posted the experience she encountered on Facebook after playing with her son in the morning as unexpected turn of event happened when two police cars appeared in their driveway. She do not know why they were there until she found out who the culprit is.

As most of our friends and family know, Jeremiah wants to be a police officer when he grows up. Well, yesterday morning he decided to play police (like he does almost every day) So, he woke up and put on his SWAT police uniform, got his walkie talkie, handcuffs and played.

A very short time later, two police cars pulled into our driveway. I had NO idea why they were there. I answered the door and they informed me someone called 911 from this address.

I knew immediately it had to be Jeremiah. So I yell for him to come down and as he walks down the stairs, I begin to laugh. Of course he’s in his full police uniform still I tell the two officers get ready to laugh at the culprit. And oh did they laugh.

They explained to him the importance of not calling 911 unless it’s a real emergency and they told him he could call the non emergency number and talk to the police anytime.

Then they took him outside and showed him their cars, the lights and sirens, their cool uniform gear and asked him why he wanted to be a police officer. His answer, “because I want to help people.” I mean, could I be any more blessed???

As embarrassed as I was, I can not thank these two officers from the Howard County Police Department enough for making Jeremiah feel like a real officer! They even told him to get coffee and a donut for lunch, so of course we did.

By the way, he called 911 to tell them there was a fire on Main Street, which there was…. Last week.

Credit: Kathleen Collins

A beautiful lesson from these two officers.


Sources: The Daily Headline

Photo Source: Facebook/Untold Stories

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