Husband Abrubtly Pulls Over To Side Of The Road, Their Photo Then Gained National Attention

Tara Carter is both a proud mother and a proud wife, and she has every reason to be. Her husband, Chris, is just one of those guys who always does the right thing, even if it means having to work a little for a complete stranger.

Recently, the family was driving down the road when Chris spotted something that seemed out of place and pulled the car over. When he got out, Chris walked up to an elderly man who was struggling to mow the front lawn. Chris had decided to give the old man a break and mow the lawn for him.

Photo Shared Tara Carter in Facebook

When Tara realized what he was doing, she pulled out her cell phone and started snapping pictures, which she shared with the Love What Matters Facebook page.

She also wrote a nice caption that read:

“”This is one of the many reasons I love my husband. As we are driving home with Kylie and Gage, Chris suddenly turns the jeep around and says ‘Take the food home and come back and get me.’ I didn’t know what he had seen but said ok. We pull up and Chris takes the push mower from this elderly gentleman. I pray that my son learns from this and randomly helps people do things like his father does.”

Tara’s post has been shared more than six thousand times, and people have been posting such things as:
“We were driving down the road one evening and we saw two elderly women shoveling their driveway. My husband pulled the car over and went and finished up for them. Took him a few minutes (would have taken them much longer). It’s free to be kind”- Kaitie Boutilier

“Reminds me of a little boy that held a door open for me and 4 other people the other day. I said thank you so much to him and smiled at him. He went straight to his dad and said “dad! That nice lady thanked me for holding the door! She was the only one, out of like 5 people!” His dad said” it still pays to be nice son, you might have made that one lady’s day, and she did thank you, people still care” the little boy said “I wish more people did”… I am SO glad I still thank people who hold doors for me, especially children!!! It is so important that they see the world being kind back to them!”- April M Reagan

“I was driving down a country lane once and saw an older lady trying to change her flat tyre by herself in the dark, I turned around and went back and done the job for her, in that situation I felt really happy with myself for helping her out.”- Sean Jackson

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