Officer Immediately Comes To Mom And Son’s Aid When He Spots Them In A Parked Car On Highway [VIDEO]

A highway patrol man has went above and beyond his duty to calm an autistic boy after his mother’s car broke down on the side of the highway.

Breaking down on highway 170 can be a nightmare, Charvia Watkis experienced it first-hand. With her son Jeriah, who is autistic.

“The first thing my son did when he saw the blue lights was look at me [to say] ‘I think we’re in trouble,'” Watkis told WBTW. Jeriah was upset because of the traffic and the heat that day.

Of course, they weren’t in trouble, in fact, Watkis says when South Carolina Highway Patrolman Adam Klimek showed up, he saved them.


“He was having a tough time with the traffic that was going by him, at one point he even had to put on ear muffs to drown out the sound that was irritating him,” Klimek said.

Klimek invited the mother and son to sit in his air-conditioned patrol car with him, and then made sure the boy was comfortable.

“Officer Klimek found ways to occupy him while I was trying to make phone calls to find out how long it was going to be for the tow truck to come and it was hard for me to concentrate on that and tend to Jeriah at the same time,” said Watkis.

“I knew that he was having problems, so when i invited them back to my car, we talked about his interests and one of his interests was playing on his ipad actually, I asked him what do you like to do on your ipad, and he said watch Netflix, so I knew right then. I got my computer out, logged into my Netflix and had him choose his own movie to watch while we waited for the tow truck. He chose ‘Curious George’ one of his favorites,” Klimek said.

Watkis praised Klimek for staying with her and her son to make sure he was okay, but the officer said he was just doing what anyone would do.

“I really don’t think I went above and beyond, I treated them like I hope my family would be treated if they were on the side of the road,” the officer humbly commented.

Watkis says she will never forget the kindness shown to her and her son.

“I just want to tell him thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts, and we really appreciate you.”


Sources: Right Wing News

Video Credit: WBTW


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