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Police Officer Shot Assisting Accident Victims

Authorities in Indianapolis, Indiana are morning the shooting death of a fellow officer while he was responding to a traffic crash. According to the department, lieutenant Aaron Allan, 38-years-old, of the Southport Police Department, was killed while when he responded to an emergency call of people trapped inside an overturned vehicle. Lt Allan was a […]

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Police Officer Commits Crime, Forgets He Has His Body Cam

A Baltimore officer who reportedly planted evidence at a scene is now under investigation after his own body camera caught him in action. The unidentified officer in January was seen putting heroin pills into a soup can lying in an alley. He and two officers with him briefly step out onto the sidewalk before he […]

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Woman Shot And Dead By Cops After Calling 911 To

An Australian woman, Justine Damond, has been shot dead by officers in Minneapolis during an incident in which the officers did not have their body cameras turned on. She was shot and killed when two police officers responded to a 911 call about a possible assault in an alley behind a home about 11.30pm on Saturday, […]

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Fake Cop Busted After Pulling Over A Real Cop [VIDEO]

A Hialeah man who works as a security guard was allegedly arrested after he pulled over a city of Miami police officer because she was talking on her cellphone, authorities said. According to an official arrest report, Officer Kenia Fallat was driving west on Southwest Seventh Street, approaching 13th Avenue when Milton Morales-Perez, 46-year-old, pulled up […]

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Retiring Police Officer Hears Final Call, All Of A Sudden

After nearly three decades working for a South Jersey police department, police sergeant finished his final shift before retirement and his son was in the dispatch center to take his final call. Douglas Hogate Sr., 50, signed off the air Thursday with a heartfelt good-bye as his son, a Salem County dispatcher, was on the […]

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Veteran Police Officer Dies In Shootout

Police in San Antonio, Texas are morning the loss of one of their own this morning after he succumbed to wounds he received yesterday afternoon near San Antonio College. The veteran San Antonio police officer died this morning just one day after being shot in the head while investigating reports of a vehicle break-in. A […]

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Retired Cop Sees Beet-Red Baby Crying And Shaking In Car.

A 4-month-old baby was left locked inside a sweltering car Monday in the parking lot of a northern New Jersey Kohl’s It wasn’t until later, when Steve Eckel got home, that the reality of what could have happened set in. “That baby could have died,” Eckel said Tuesday afternoon by phone, as he talked about […]

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Doctor Killed Trying To Help A Neighbor Gets Heroic Medal

A physician who was fatally shot while trying to help his neighbor after she was wounded in a domestic shooting was awarded with an honor. For Dr. Kenneth Atkinson, 65, helping people was second nature. The Centennial doctor, who died in a hail of bullets that authorities say were fired by a neighbor, was known […]

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Need a Job? Become A Bounty Hunter

After eight years of a stumbling economy, a lot of Americans have found themselves out of work with no prospects of finding another way to earn a living. Some have even become so desperate they have turned to crime in an effort to provide for themselves. But some of those are not interested in stealing […]

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Look Closely at This Photo of Two Cops. There’s One

Officer Brittany Beard Hilton recently posted a photo to her Facebook page without ever knowing it would go mega viral. At first glance, the picture looks like a pretty generic snap of two police officers, but that’s not all they are. “All you may see in this photo is two smiling police officers. But there […]

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