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98yo Woman’s Lifelong Wish Granted And It Included Naked Men

The care staff were shocked when she told them her one true wish – to watch naked hunks dancing. Widow Betty Wright told her lifelong desire to manager Ryan Morning at The Haven care home, in Colchester, Essex, when she was asked what she’d most like to do. After checking with her family, he immediately […]


Bus Driver’s Note To Mom And Dad Goes Viral After

As parents we’re so used to receiving unsolicited feedback about our parenting – unwanted advice or judgment about our choices – that receiving praise can be such a welcome surprise. For US parents, Jorge and Lenore, the unexpected praise came in the form of a letter from their children’s bus driver, Cindy Clausen. Shared on […]


She Holds Husband’s Hand As He Takes Final Breath, Then

Floyd, 90, and Violet Hartwig, 89, were childhood sweethearts who remained inseparable right up until the last moments that they spent together. The couple married in August 1947 while Floyd was on leave from the Navy after the Second World War. During his absence, they kept in touch by sending 131 letters in two years. Floyd […]


Sisters Say Mom Is ‘Obsessed’ With Reliving Trauma And Won’t

Most sexually abused children are being traumatized by their tragic experience. Just like the dark family secret that was revealed by teen sisters after their mother’s father abused them. Sydney and Raechel were 10 and 8, they were sexually abused by their mother’s father. They revealed the story seven years later and since then, they […]


A Mom Wrote This Online After Witnessing An Encounter At

Mothers will immediately fell proud of their children doing amazing things. Recently a mother posted a story about her son’s encounter at a yard sale. She shared a heartwarming moment that occurred when a young cancer patient asked for the price of an item. Carla Wilkins “Today my 14 year old son and I held […]


Husband Pulls Plug On Wife In Coma, Then Hears Her

When Steven Pellettiere-Swapp found his mother, Lyndee, unconscious in their family home, he immediately called 911. After being rushed to the hospital, the 45-year-old woman fell into a coma. After 12 days she was completely unresponsive to outside stimulus. Unable to move or respond to anyone, the family prepared themselves for the worst. Lyndee’s husband […]


Old Lady Puts Young Cashier In His Place After He

This is circulating on the Internet. Pretty much expresses my sentiments about the young folks who scold the old folks about not being environmentally conscious enough (“having that green thing”). A reader recently sent us this story, about a conversation between a young cashier and an older shopper. It’s worth checking out. Checking out at […]


Servicemen Stop To Assist Stranded Woman, Had No Clue What’s

A woman’s Facebook post about an act of kindness she experienced has gone viral. Mary Mingo Williams in Texas posted on Facebook about her heartwarming encounter with several military men. Williams said she had just left work when she ran out of gas in the middle of the road. “I got out and started pushing […]


Mom Hears Baby Son’s Heartbeat In A Little Girl’s Chest

An emotional mother whose seven-month-old son died after being reportedly abused by a babysitter’s boyfriend donated his organs – and has now heard the boy’s heartbeat in a young girl. On one fateful day, baby Lukas Clark was rushed to a hospital for an emergency rescue, but the doctors informed that his condition was beyond […]


Man Who Shoplifted A ‘Lego Batman’ Movie Got Arrested By

A man who got caught shoplifting DVDs at a Texas Walmart over the weekend found himself explaining to “Batman.” Fort Worth Police Officer Damon Cole was coincidentally dressed as the Dark Knight for a kids safety fair over the weekend when he was called for duty. He had to convince Walmart employees that he was an off-duty officer. When they […]


Picture Of What Young Black Man Did To Elderly Guy

Young man’s random act of kindness is praised by thousands online after he helped an 83-year-old man down a shopping mall escalator. Paula Accorsi Picard, of West Springfield, one of the two women, captured the gesture of kindness and posted a photo on Facebook. It shows the men from behind, Johnson’s left arm wrapped around […]


McDonald’s Customers Notice Encounter Between Black Teen And Cop, Pull

When photographer Jayy Delarosa saw the exchange that took place between a black man and a police officer at a Texas McDonald’s, he new he had to snap a picture. It wasn’t because the officer, Brazos County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Michael Calhoun, racially profiled the man or because he used excessive force for no apparent […]


Man “Attacks” Caretaker Of Elephant Sanctuary. Now Watch As Elephant

Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals out there. Not only that, but they are incredibly emotional and caring. Once they bond with someone, it ends up lasting a lifetime. A sanctuary in Thailand set up a little experiment to test just how loyal elephants can be and the results are nothing short of amazing. […]


You Won’t Believe Who Saved This 2yo Boy After Falling

A 2-year-old boy from Chelsea survived a 16-foot fall from a second-story window after he landed on his stuffed animal. Investigations say the boy was jumping on his bed when an unlucky bounce sent him right out the window. Fortunately, Luis Eduardo Gomez was holding onto his stuffed toy which he landed on, cuishioning him from […]


WW2 Vet Calls 911… It’s What Officers Bring To Scene

The Fort Worth police officers were just a few hours into their shift when they responded to what is considered the lowest priority 911 call. The Fort Worth police officers were just a few hours into their shift when they responded to what is considered the lowest priority 911 call. It gets hot in Fort […]


Couple Crushed In Mangled Car, Then She Sees Who’s Smiling

Arika Stovell and her boyfriend Hunter were out for a drive in Hunter’s truck when things took a turn for the worst and disaster struck. Hunter lost control of the truck going 85 miles an hour. They spun off the side of the road and slammed into a pilar on the side of the road, […]


Restaurant Helps Military Son Surprise Dad At Dinner. But Left

Often, the community helps out the soldiers. Soldiers have surprised loved ones at schools, sporting events, airports, and even their own front porches, and people get involved just to make the homecomings memorable. Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate dads everywhere. For service members, Father’s Day can be extra sweet — if they’re […]


Black Girl Confronts White Guy, Leaves Him Something He’ll Never

A woman’s interaction with a homeless man looking through a trash can for food went viral. Natasha Robinson posted a photo of herself next to a man she met as she was going home from college one day, and explained their heartwarming encounter in an accompanying post. Robinson explained in the post accompanying the photo […]

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Customer Notices 7yo Cleaning Tables, Her Heart Sinks When She

A seven-year-old boy in Bicknell, Indiana convinced the manager of his local McDonald’s restaurant to give him a job for a shocking and heartwarming reason. Trenton Gardner said he loves his job cleaning tables at the fast-food restaurant. The 7-year-old wanted desperately to get a job so he could earn some money, and was determined […]


Girl Blows Texas Cops Minds With Single Question, Then They

Two police officers in Cedar Hill, Texas, have an unexpected guest while they were grabbing a bite to eat. It was a lunch break they’ll likely never forget. Marshals Wallace and Herron of the Cedar Hills Police Department in Texas had just sat down to eat lunch when they saw a little girl walking over […]


Customer Set Down His Steaks At Checkout, Stunned When He

A cashier’s random act of kindness received a lot of praise after it went viral on social media. The moment was captured by Gary Clark who was buying groceries at the Marsh on Kentucky Avenue, Indianapolis when he noticed an elderly woman in line in front of him. When the cashier finished scanning the elderly […]

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