A Mom Wrote This Online After Witnessing An Encounter At A Yard Sale [VIDEO]

Mothers will immediately fell proud of their children doing amazing things. Recently a mother posted a story about her son’s encounter at a yard sale. She shared a heartwarming moment that occurred when a young cancer patient asked for the price of an item.

Carla Wilkins

“Today my 14 year old son and I held a yard sale. He was reluctant and stayed on his phone most of the time. Then a mother and a daughter came up, clearly nancially troubled, and the mother told me her daughter was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 3 days ago. Her daughter asked how much a stuffed bear was.”

My son looked right at her and said, “Give me the biggest smile you got.”

The little girl gave that smile her all. He then handed her the bear and said “That smile’s worth a million dollars, kiddo.”

I’ve NEVER been so proud.

Clearly, she’s raising a great son.

Wilkin’s post immediately went viral across social media as it drives inspiration to parents and children.

A similar story of a senior high school at St. Rita also attracts attention from the public.

Tim Long, 17, decided to have a yard sale this past weekend to raise money for a local toddler battling cancer.

The boy with cancer, Beau Dowling, 2, is also the brother of Long’s friend, Kevin Dowling.

Long’s mother, Jackie Long, said she wasn’t surprised by her son’s desire and drive to raise money for his friend’s family because he frequently volunteers for other projects and is a high achiever as evidenced by his membership in the National Honor Society.

The Longs felt helping Beau and his family through a difficult time made a lot of sense, especially because the Dowling family “is constantly helping people,” Jackie said.

Long and his mother, his father John and his brother Michael, 19, have always been involved in school, community and church activities, Jackie said. They have had garage sales to raise funds for juvenile diabetes research, make regular donations to Goodwill, are part of the St. John Fisher Garden Club to help maintain the facilities and work at its three-day annual Fisher Fest.

Inspiring stories always leave hope to people. Share this story to inspire children.

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