• June 12, 2024

Man Who Shoplifted A ‘Lego Batman’ Movie Got Arrested By Batman [VIDEO]

 Man Who Shoplifted A ‘Lego Batman’ Movie Got Arrested By Batman [VIDEO]

A man who got caught shoplifting DVDs at a Texas Walmart over the weekend found himself explaining to “Batman.”

Fort Worth Police Officer Damon Cole was coincidentally dressed as the Dark Knight for a kids safety fair over the weekend when he was called for duty.

He had to convince Walmart employees that he was an off-duty officer. When they finally realized he was telling the truth, he then moved in to arrest a suspect found with four stolen DVDs.

“Batman says, ‘I want you to know I have this Batman costume on, but I’m an off-duty police officer,’ ” one of the employees said.

Anthony Drake, a Walmart community involvement member, told news teams that Officer Cole handled Saturday’s serious and humorous without effort.

The unidentified suspect, who declined to be interviewed, got written a citation for attempting to steal less than $100 worth of merchandise. The man then asked to take a selfie with Cole in which the officer complied, as long as the suspect promised to not steal in the future.

“This was definitely a first,” Cole said of busting a criminal while in costume.

“One of the movies he was attempting to steal was ‘Lego Batman.’ You cannot steal my movie! Come on,” the officer joked.

For the past four years, Cole has dressed as various superheroes and meets children at events, in classrooms and at hospitals. The officer said his aim is to familiarize children to police officers and show them they don’t have to be afraid of people in uniform.

“I have a Batman cape in my back window. I have an Iron Man mask and a Spider-Man mask in my back windows,” Cole said. “Kids love superheroes. I tell kids that with great power come great responsibility.”

Cole has a nonprofit company called Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer with the aim of improving the lives of children. The officer said he’s visited children’s hospitals is 17 states so far and has a goal to reach at 50. He also posts pictures of his adventures on Twitter.

“I tell kids that police officers are no different than anyone else,” Cole said.

Source: Daily Mail


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