• June 25, 2024

Black Girl Confronts White Guy, Leaves Him Something He’ll Never Forget…

 Black Girl Confronts White Guy, Leaves Him Something He’ll Never Forget…

A woman’s interaction with a homeless man looking through a trash can for food went viral.

Natasha Robinson posted a photo of herself next to a man she met as she was going home from college one day, and explained their heartwarming encounter in an accompanying post.

Robinson explained in the post accompanying the photo that the man said he hadn’t eaten since breakfast and that all of the Catholic soup kitchens in town were closed because of the Pope’s visit.

He reportedly added that he just needed something to hold him over until morning. When Robinson asked if he’d like to go to Wendy’s to eat, he said, “Thank you Lord, for sending someone.”

The man initially offered to order something from the dollar menu, but Robinson urged him to get a full meal.

After ordering his food, the man asked to take a selfie with Robinson, saying, “The world needs to know what a blessing looks like.” The two hugged and prayed together before parting ways.

“Since this has happened and this picture has gone viral I have gotten hundreds of inboxes from people all over the world,” Robinson told Fox 29 News. “Just people thanking me for helping this man, some saying I have restored their faith in humanity and others that are simply grateful that I stopped to feed him.”

Robinson added that she has also received some negative comments, but she is not letting those get her down. She said that more people should be willing to help out a stranger in need.

“As a Christian woman the word tells me to love my neighbor and in loving my neighbor that means being my brother’s keeper and helping when he needs it,” Robinson said. “I saw a need, I met the need and I pray that others will take time to pay it forward. I think if more people look at the big picture, step outside and see that there are so many people without and we that have more should be willing to help.”

Sources:  MadWorldNews

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