• April 17, 2024

Girl Blows Texas Cops Minds With Single Question, Then They Look Behind Her [VIDEO]

 Girl Blows Texas Cops Minds With Single Question, Then They Look Behind Her [VIDEO]

Two police officers in Cedar Hill, Texas, have an unexpected guest while they were grabbing a bite to eat. It was a lunch break they’ll likely never forget.

Marshals Wallace and Herron of the Cedar Hills Police Department in Texas had just sat down to eat lunch when they saw a little girl walking over to their table, according to WGHP. The 5-year-old girl, Chloe, had a simple request for the officers — she wanted to pray with them.

“Marshals Herron and Wallace admit they’ve never had anyone pray with them and that her prayer was so beautiful,” a post on the Cedar Hill Police Department’s Facebook page reads.

Chloe’s father snapped a photo of his daughter praying with the two officers, which quickly spread on social media after being shared by the police department.

Many users were touched by the photo and shared their thoughts in the comments of the Facebook post.

“God bless and protect this young lady this young Christian lady food had it in her heart to pray for the police officers and I’ll bet she prayed for their safety,” one user commented. “I don’t know her home situation if it’s one or two parents but whoever is Raising her is absolutely instilling in her love empathy kindness and love of the Lord.”

“Just think how this one special little girl is brightening the world with just one prayer,” another viewer commented. “Think about how many mountains we could move if we ALL did this for one person everyday. Wow. Chloe you’re an inspiration. Mom & Dad you’re a special pair. I pray everyone will teach their children the value of prayer….the strength it holds. God bless you for raising believers in Christ.”

“Bless little Chloe she is an inspiration her parents must be so proud,” said another commenter. “I know our Heavenly Father is smiling. This gives me so much happiness that no matter how much our government tries to take away Prayer it won’t work!!!!!! May God watch over all of our service men and women and keep them safe.”

Chloe’s father commented on the post, thanking others for their kind comments about his daughter.

“We can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful comments about our daughter,” Chloe’s father, Jared Chenevert, wrote in a comment. “The real thanks goes to the officers, who took the time out of their busy day to bless our daughters, Chloe and Clarke. The appreciation goes both ways, and we thank you and your fellow officers for your service, because it extends beyond protection, and for two little girls it’s connecting with real life heroes.”

Sources: americanow.com

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