• June 15, 2024

Restaurant Helps Military Son Surprise Dad At Dinner. But Left Floored When They See Total On Bill [WATCH]

 Restaurant Helps Military Son Surprise Dad At Dinner. But Left Floored When They See Total On Bill [WATCH]

Often, the community helps out the soldiers. Soldiers have surprised loved ones at schools, sporting events, airports, and even their own front porches, and people get involved just to make the homecomings memorable.

Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate dads everywhere. For service members, Father’s Day can be extra sweet — if they’re home to enjoy it. One military member got a chance to surprise his father thanks to help from a local restaurant.

In Orange Park, Florida, Private First Class Lee Adams surprised his father at Texas Roadhouse. The awesome staff even turned the blinds down for him. Even better, the restaurant decided to let the family eat for free, thus nixing a bill worth $86.

The restaurant made reservation, even though they never accepted before, to host the homecoming of Lee Adams, who wanted to surprise his dad for his birthday

After hearing what Courtney, Lee’s wife, had to say – Texas Roadhouse decided they wanted to be part of the homecoming and did much more than just reserve a table.

The employees at the restaurant turned down all the blinds in the restaurant, so Lee would be unseen until he approached his father. The manager caught the entire homecoming on camera!

When Lee approached his father, taken by surprise, all the dad could say was “hey dude!”

Texas Roadhouse provided a large red, white, and blue “stars and stripes forever” cake for the party. They also covered the cost of the homecoming meal. Where the guests name is usually written on the check Texas Roadhouse had printed “welcome home.”

We need more places like this! They made the day even more memorable by showing respect and gratitude for the sacrifice Lee Adams makes by being in the Army.

The wife Courtney posted the story on Facebook.

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