These Twins Think They’re Still In The Womb, Their Introduction To The World Is Inspiring

There’s no denying that twins have a special bond. Even before they’re born, they spend months and months growing together in an enclosed space, sharing all the nutrients their mum gives them, listening to their parents talking to them, every day growing stronger and more ready for life outside the womb.

And much has been written about what happens as twins grow up – the amazing coincidences that can occur when twins are separated at birth, some saying they can feel discomfort when the other twin is on the receiving end of pain (one woman said she felt her sister’s labor pains) … and, of course, the shenanigans identical twins can get into as they grow up, sometimes posing as each other.

But this video shows another view of twins. In the first precious minutes after a set of twins are born, they can be seen still clinging to each other as they may have in the womb. Bathed in warm water, taking their first breaths outside the womb, they’re perfectly calm together … totally at peace with the world.

The video was made by newborn nurse Sonia Rochel, who filmed it to showcase a new bathing technique for babies. Her Baby Spa technique involves caressing and massaging newborns without any soap for 10 to 15 minutes, to create a relaxing experience for the babies.

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Video Credit: Youtube/Rochel Sonia

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