She Watches Him Throw Sack In River. When She Realizes What’s Inside Immediately Dives In After It [VIDEO]

A Good Samaritan risked her life and dives into the river to rescue puppies giving them second chance at life.

The Good Samaritan who wishes to remain anonymous saw a stranger as he walked over to the Mokelumne River with a burlap sack and then hurled it through the air and into the water.

She jumped into the Mokelumne River this week and pulled the puppies out of a burlap sack after seeing someone drop it into the water.

When she found the chihuahuas she said they were drowning and that she almost did too while rescuing them.

She knew she couldn’t just sit back and watch this terrible drama from a distance, so she quickly dove into the water and heroically dragged the sack of six cream colored chihuahua puppies to land. When she got to land she noticed one of the puppies wasn’t breathing so she performed CPR on it and thankfully the pup began breathing on his own again.

It happened that a neighbor, Nancy Roberds, saw her walking by her home with a wagon full of puppies.

“She said she was in a car with a friend behind another car and they were going across the bridge over the river and she saw them toss a gunny sack out the window,” Roberds recounted. “She was concerned what that might be. And stopped and went down the river and jumped in and there was puppies in that bag.”

Roberds and her daughter, Bradleigh Strack, offered to help. They posted about the pups on several Facebook pages hoping to find them a foster home.

Within an hour, Anna Charlesworth saw the post and offered to take them in. She is a volunteer who is now fostering the puppies through an organization called Animal Friends Connection, a small cat and dog sanctuary located in Lodi, California.

“I saw the posting, I responded and said I will take them, tell me when to take them,” Charlesworth told ABC10.

The incident was traumatic for all involved, but the 5-week-old puppies are slowly learning to trust again. Charlesworrth detailed the progress these puppies have made since arriving:

“In the beginning they were traumatized but they are coming out of their shell,” she explained as she cuddled one of the pups.

Unfortunately, she said this isn’t the worst abuse she has ever seen. “This is nothing compared to the horror stories that are out there,” she said. “I just have to turn it off and not think about it.”

“I made them comfortable. I fed them. I just let them acclimate to their new space and now,” she said, “They’re acting like normal puppies.”

Charlesworth will keep the puppies until they find a permanent homes.

In the meantime, the nearby animal shelter, Animal Friends, will get them shots and microchips.

The puppies will eventually be up for adoption through Animal Friends for $250 each.


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