Man Keeps Promise To Deceased Brother, Digs Him Up And Takes Him On A Tour [VIDEO]

Eri Erisberto died over a year ago, but that didn’t prevent his brother, Elderlandes Rosa, 29-year-old, from taking his remains for a bike ride.

According to local police, Rosa says his brother, who was 30-year-old when he died, came to him in a dream and asked to be taken on a bike ride, something the brothers did together when Erisberto was still alive.

Rosa reportedly went to the cemetery and unearthed Erisberto’s coffin on Sunday night.  He then attached it to the back of his bike.

Concerned residents who saw the brothers out for a ride, they immediately called the police. They also took photos and videos of the incident, posting them to social media.

Investigations say that when the local police arrived, Rosa was not following their orders that he had to be subdued and handcuffed.

Rosa then told officers that he missed his brother and admitted to removing Erisberto from the coffin for a “chat” before their “ride.”

One of the responding officer’s, Luciano Goncalves, explained, “We received phone calls from the public and went to investigate. The man said he was missing his brother a lot. So he went to get the coffin, broke the lid and took him out to have a chat.”

“I said that if he died first, I would take him out on the streets, to the places where he liked to go. Now I’ve kept that promise I’ll stay calm and carry on,” Rosa said. “Those who want to laugh at me or joke, you can do what you want. I think like this, if I have to do something I do it.”

He also said he would seek “help”, saying he would find “something that can help me keep calm and get my head in the right place.”

According to family, Rosa took Erisberto’s death badly and was unable to accept the tragedy.

Rosa was arrested for abuse of a corpse, a crime that carries a maximum sentence of three years in jail but he’s been released pending a court hearing.

Erisberto was returned to his grave the day after the incident.

Source: Daily Mail


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