Man Called 911 And Asked For A Free Ride To, But It’s Where He Wanted The Ride That’s The best Part [VIDEO]

A man was reportedly arrested for calling 911 and telling the dispatchers that his elderly grandmother was “about to have a stroke” in a Hooters parking lot. A story which the authorities found that he made up — just to get a ride to the restaurant.

Jonathan Clayton Hinkle, 28-year-old, told a police dispatcher that his grandmother, Gayle Strickland, was having a stroke and that he was trying to get her medical help, according to an initial report.

On the call, he was heard saying his grandmother was elderly, had a hard time hearing and suffered from other impairments.

The 28-year-old even offered to pay for the lift by police, including gas, and emphasized that the situation was urgent, the filed report said.

Police responders picked up Hinkle at a 7/11 gas station and drove him to a Merritt Island Hooters, believing his grandmother is needing medical assistance.

“Mr. Hinkle was in a panic state and was really concerned for his grandmother’s safety,” the responding officer said, according to the file report.

“As I let Mr. Hinkle out of my patrol vehicle, he said thank you and took off in a full sprint across the parking lot and headed west,” the officer said.

After an investigation that nearly took 3 hours, local police were able to reach Strickland who was at her daughter’s home, where she had been staying following her release from the hospital.

She disputed the incident and said she never called her grandson to say she needed help. She was also not having a stroke, nor had she been at Hooters, she said in a sworn statement.

Police then found Hinkle at a Burger King near the Hooters where he was dropped. He was seen helping his girlfriend who struggled with a car mishap.

Hinkle was arrested Tuesday night on charges of misusing 911, a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison, for fabricating the story.

He was taken to jail and released Wednesday night, according to the sheriff’s office.

Source: Daily Mail


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