• February 22, 2024

African Rock Python Spotted In Extremely Rare Feeding [VIDEO]

 African Rock Python Spotted In Extremely Rare Feeding [VIDEO]

As you know, the wildlife in Africa must survive one of the most hostile environments on earth. Not only can the temperatures and weather be demanding on any creature – since the dry season can last months and offer no relief – animals must also learn to endure the near-constant threats to their lives by some of the world’s most aggressive and dangerous predators.

In the heartbreaking video footage below, one mama was forced to watch her baby impala get devoured whole by a giant African rock python who caught the little guy for dinner.
The camera caught the moment the giant rock python took the baby away from his mama Impala while she was forced to stand by and watch the horror unfold.

In the clip, you can see the python squeeze the life out of the baby impala in South Africa before it unlocks its jaws and proceeds to swallow the calf in one bite.

Meanwhile, the baby’s mother simply cries out in distress as she watches on helplessly as her baby’s life is stolen away from her.

Wildlife guide Michelle Sole captured the incredible footage at the Marakele National Park in South Africa last month.

Sole said she first heard the mother impala crying out. Then she went closer and found the rare sight of the python enjoying its meal. The African rock python is Africa’s largest snake which can grow up to 23-feet long and weigh as much as 200 pounds.

“We noticed the herd was staring at the ground and when we got closer we found a small, motionless impala with a four-meter rock python wrapped around its fragile body.

“A few minutes later the herd moved away leaving the snake with her prize, but we looked on fascinated as she continued to squeeze despite the lack of life left in the poor lamb’s body.

“The mother impala returned and came close to her baby, distraught and calling in alarm but there was nothing she could do. When the snake was confident the lamb was dead it released its grip and then locked its jaws around the lamb’s nose and moved it into the undergrowth to swallow it whole.”

Watch the incredible footage for yourself down below!

Source: AWM


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