Ranchers Shot A Wild Pig That Looked Like An Alien, What Is Going On? [PHOTOS]

Morgan Hill, California ranchers shot a wild pig that was on their property, but that is the least weird thing about this story. When they cut into the pig, they saw something they’ve never seen before, and can’t really explain.

“I know blue pigmentation is often caused from copper poisoning but all that they have are some old mercury mine shafts that they have filled in. They have also shot wild pigs on the ranch before and none of them have been blue,” a Reddit poster wrote about what his in-law found.

“Everything else about the pig was normal, the meat, blood, etc. The only weird part was the blue fat throughout the body,” the Internet sharer explained.

It is very unusual for fat to be of a blue pigment. They sent the specimen off to a U.C. Davis lab for further investigation to see what the heck is going on.

“Anyone knows please feel free to explain because we are at a loss.” One redditor found a PDF that points to rodent poisoning as a potential culprit.

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