• March 4, 2024

Couple Gets Death Threats Over Color They Painted Their Home

 Couple Gets Death Threats Over Color They Painted Their Home

A couple in Harris County, Texas, said they received death threats after a photo of their home—which had been recently painted bright teal—was posted online on a realty website.


Keely and Peter Dubrova said the local homeowner’s association approved their request to paint their house bright teal, KHOU-11 reported. They applied the paint while remodeling to make her home, as Keely put it, “my sanctuary.”

An anonymous realtor posted a photo of their home online, drawing a bevy of criticism. The realtor asked for opinions on property value and aesthetic appeal.

“Everything from ‘white trash Californians, what are they doing here’ to ‘we want to hang them,’” said Keely of the comments.

A week later, the homeowner association that approved the color sent them a letter asking the couple to re-paint it.

“So we are a little confused,” Peter said, expressing confusion about what colors are allowed. “Are we in compliance or not?”

“It got approved by [the homeowner’s association] and a week and a half later we got a letter saying that we need to re-paint. For us, it was scary and the fact that people are coming onto our property to take pictures of our address,” Keely said.

“I think it’s cute,” neighbor Amanda Dennard told the station. “It does look cute like a doll house, but it doesn’t fit in the neighborhood.” Added another, Theresa Nichols “I’m not too fond of the color of the house, but didn’t think they should be punished like that.”

The realtor who posted the picture of their home online didn’t intend to cause such a negative backlash. “That [was] absolutely not my intention and I apologize that other people got out of hand with it and they shouldn’t have,” the unnamed realtor told KHOU. “I hope they’re ashamed of themselves.”

Sources: Facebook, America Now

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