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Grandma Had An Unexpected Surprise For Fellow Fans At This

A grandma is now making rounds on the internet as she was shown dancing on the video board between innings at Dodger Stadium proceeded to flash the crowd. The white-haired woman wearing a Dodgers visor had been shown on the videoboard earlier in the game but has something exciting for everyone later on. Her fellow […]

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Denver Comes To Grips With “Benefits” Of Legal Pot

Two years ago this month, Pot became legal in Denver Colorado. Since that time, the city has enjoyed the benefits of increased tax revenues along with a mini population boom. But they have also encountered an unforeseen, at least by liberals, side effect. The City is currently trying to come to grips with a growing […]


Raging Bull Gores A Bullfighter In The Groin And Seriously

A bullfighter was stabbed in the SCROTUM with a horn while another was left with serious brain damage after both being gored by a raging bull . Juan Miguel entered the ring along with Frenchman Andy Younes to ‘warm up’ for more experienced bullfighters – and both were seriously injured. Footage shows how horrified spectators […]


89yo Grandpa Thought To Be Falling Out Of Bed, Until

One patient named 89-year-old Georges Karam suffers from Alzheimer’s disease – and he resides in a long-term residential area located in Ottawa, Canada. His family needed help with him, as he couldn’t even dress himself. But all good news came to an end when Georges’s body started to sustain multiple bruises and wounds. When his grandson, Daniel […]


18yo Gets Suspended From Work After Paying For A Police

Zachary Randolph, 18-year-old, works at Great American Cookies at Katy Mills Mall in Katy, Texas was suspended from his employment after a moment of generosity on the job. Last Sunday, a police officer came to Great American Cookies and ordered a brownie, a $2.75 purchase. Randolph was kind enough to offer to pay for the […]


Airplane Passengers Are Terrified When They See How The Man

The last thing you want to have during a flight is an out of control passenger – right? Flying is stressful enough without someone making it unpleasant with inappropriate behavior. Well, the following video shows just that – a drunken passenger covered in blood (don’t worry, it was his own blood) but that doesn’t make […]


Scientific Study Finds Straight Guys Really Don’t Like Dudes Kissing

For straight guys, seeing images of two men kissing creates the same physiological stress as pictures of rotting flesh and maggots, according to research published recently. Scientists found that straight men felt disgust when shown slideshows of gay men kissing. Researchers said this reaction was similar to the disgust straight men experienced when shown images rotting […]


Teen Beauty Queen Unknowingly LIVE Streams Her Tragic Death [RAW

Sofia Magerko, a teen beauty queen from the Ukraine, unwittingly live streamed her own tragic death on Instagram this week. The 16-year-old and her 24-year-old friend, Daria Medvedeva, were both killed when the BMW they were driving smashed into a lamp post. Tragically, the women were live streaming their reckless late night joyride when they were killed. […]


Muslim Teacher Calls For Dead Infidels, Gets Nasty Surprise In

A pre-school teacher in Texas who encouraged social media followers to “kill some Jews” and repeatedly mocked the Holocaust was terminated on Wednesday, according to reports. Leftists continue pushing the narrative that Muslims in the West are perpetual victims of Islamophobia, accusing us of an undue fear of the deadliest ideology in the world. When […]


80yo Muslim Weds Young Girl, WATCH Sick Thing Family Immediately

A video of a 12-year-old Muslim girl who was arranged to become the bride of an 80-year-old man has gone viral on social media. The footage was actually posted in January but is only recently going viral on account of its shocking content. Although an exact location wasn’t given, the video’s origin has been narrowed […]


Firefighter Who Shot An Elderly Man Over A Backyard Fight

Police say two neighbors opened fire on one another, one of them an Indianapolis firefighter and the Johnson County prosecutor’s office is working to determine if charges will be filed after a gunfight in Greenwood. Authorities say 59-year-old Jeffrey Weigle and his neighbor, an off duty fireman, Dean Keller both opened fire on each other, all […]


Top 10 Professions Women Are Most Likely To Be Unfaithful

Victoria Milan is known as the place where men as well as married women meet for extramarital activities. 5000 women were interviewed by the website to find out which are the 10 most popular trades among unfaithful women. A fairly impressive total of 65% of women will one have a day have a relationship with a […]


Black Mother Filed Lawsuit Against School Because Her Daughter Shared

An African-American enraged mother has filed a federal lawsuit against a Mississippi school district claiming her brainy daughter was discriminated against when she was forced to share the school’s valedictorian title with a white classmate, whose grade point average was inferior. Jasmine Shepard and a white student were named “co-valedictorians” the day before they graduated […]


These Differences Between Europeans And Americans Will Surprise You

We’re not saying that one nation is better than the other, but when it comes to differences, Europe and America are a world apart. We’re not just referring to the body of water that separates these two continents either. There are subtle and major differences in customs, eating habits, traditions, transportation, sports and even life […]


Woman Sleeps With Her Dog… Then Proof Was Discovered On

The video was accidentally found on her phone… A YOUNG woman who had sex with her dog had been encouraged by her then-partner to send him footage of the repulsive acts, a court has been told. Jenna Louise Driscoll has pleaded guilty in the Brisbane District Court to three bestiality charges, among other crimes, that […]


Mexico Says No Bunny Business From Illegals

In an ironic twist, Mexican officials have detained three Playboy models allegedly working illegally while holding tourist-only visas. It seems that that the Mexican government takes a much narrower view of people crossing their border and taking Mexican jobs than they expect the U.S. to do. Police said the three women were arrested on Thursday […]

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