Man-Free Music Events In Aftermath Of Rapes, Sex Attacks

As the number of rapes continues to increase thanks to the current invasion of Europe by Muslims hoards, the Swedes are starting to cave to some aspects of Sharia Law. Officials announced today that Sweden is planning its first ever “man-free” music festival next year following the cancellation of three major events due to sexual assault and rape incidents. In an official statement, the government said allegations, saying the new policy that separates men and women will will continue until “ALL men have learned how to behave themselves”.

The concept of a festival without men was first proposed as a joke by comedian Emma Knyckare, who tweeted to her followers asking whether anyone would be interested in staging “a really cool festival where only non-men are welcome”. The comic tweeted: “What do you think about putting together a really cool festival where only non-men are welcome, that we’ll run until ALL men have learned how to behave themselves?”

Now, according to MailOnline, the comedian has officially announced the women-only music festival on Instagram. Knyckare texted: “Sweden’s first man-free rock festival will see the light next summer.” Later Texting: “In the coming days I’ll bring together a solid group of talented organizers and project leaders to form the festival organizers, then you’ll hear from everyone again when it’s time to move forward.”

Ms. Knyckare said the idea to hold a “man-free” rock festival came after Bråvalla festival organizers cancelled next year’s event after there were several reported incidents of rape and sexual assaults that were committed by men, which were usually described as “foreign youths”. Organizers of the festival, FKP Scorpio, said in a statement on Saturday they had tried to prevent sexual assaults but “some men – because we are talking about men – apparently can’t behave. It’s a shame.”

Since the Bråvalla festival, there have been a large number of victims that have spoken out about the sex attacks. One young woman, Alexandra Larsson, 17, was groped last year at the festival, claiming that although she didn’t see the actual culprit, she was surrounded by a group of men who “were not from a Swedish background”. Media also reports “foreign men” have allegedly committed dozens of sexual assaults.

In Sweden, because of strict Hate Crime Laws which forbid the identification of a person as being Muslim, the term “Foreign Men”, has become the code word for persons of either Middle-Eastern or North African, origin. Nor is it permissible to call a Muslim a Muslim when referencing a suspect in a crime without facing a fine or jail time.

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