• May 25, 2024

Muslim Teacher Calls For Dead Infidels, Gets Nasty Surprise In Texas Class [VIDEO]

 Muslim Teacher Calls For Dead Infidels, Gets Nasty Surprise In Texas Class [VIDEO]

A pre-school teacher in Texas who encouraged social media followers to “kill some Jews” and repeatedly mocked the Holocaust was terminated on Wednesday, according to reports.

Leftists continue pushing the narrative that Muslims in the West are perpetual victims of Islamophobia, accusing us of an undue fear of the deadliest ideology in the world. When Muslims rape, enslave, and kill religious minorities around the world, their crimes against humanity are overlooked while “hate crimes” against Muslims seem to include every offense from pointing out the violence in the Quran to defacing their religious texts. This special protection of Muslims is likely why one educator believed she could get away with declaring her disdain for other religions and races.

Nancy Salem had been teaching impressionable young children at The Children’s Courtyard, a pre-school in Arlington, when parents discovered her Islamic bigotry. With Twitter posts dating as far back as 2012, Salem tweeted dozens of times that she wanted to see non-Muslims killed because of their race and religion. Fortunately, outraged parents who saw these tweets inundated the school with angry letters.

When she arrived at the pre-school on Wednesday morning, the devout Muslima was shocked to find out that invoking the murder of a whole race and religion is still a hate crime even if you’re Muslim. After the school’s Facebook page was flooded with posts calling for Salem’s termination, the Muslim teacher was promptly fired and has been placed under investigation, according to Fox News.

“This person no longer works for our company,” a spokesperson for The Children’s Courtyard told Fox News in an email. “Providing a safe, nurturing and inclusive learning environment is of the utmost importance to us,” Director of Communication Lydia Cisaruk wrote. “The offensive comments certainly don’t reflect our views. Our employees are expected to uphold certain standards of person and professional conduct. Our senior leadership thoroughly investigated this matter.”

Although Salem quickly deleted her posts, watchdog group Canary Mission documented dozens of tweets in which she encourages the murder of Jews and non-Muslim Israelis and lauds Adolf Hitler for slaughtering millions during the Holocaust.

“How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough…HAHAHAHA,” Salem said in one tweet.
“Have a safe trip Lulu. I love you baby girl! See you in 3 weeks! Kiss the Palestine ground for me and kill some jews! <3 #IMissYouAlready,” she wrote in another.

Aside from being a known racist, Salem is an activist for the Students for Justice in Palestine, an Islamic group with terrorist ties that publicly calls for the slaughter of Israelis and Jews. Salem also has close ties to Muslim jihadists who promote violence, including Ahmad Haj Mahmoud, an SJP member who dismembers small animals, and Heba Asi, who is the cousin of an operative for Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

Salem was outed as one of 24 jihad-supporting activists at the University of Texas in Arlington whose racist and persecutory rants were published in The Algeminer.

Although Salem has lost her job, it’s simply not enough. This kind of anti-Semitic bigotry and promotion of violence would never be tolerated if the targets were Muslims. In fact, she would’ve been charged with racially-motivated hate crimes for far less than calling for the genocide of an entire race and religion.

Americans are starting to find that when we defend Islam as a religion, we are defending the violence and bigotry within their religious texts. Salem didn’t just pull this anti-Semitic intolerance out of thin air — she is simply following the hatred in the Quran.

Sources:  foxnews.com

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