• May 28, 2024

Top 10 Professions Women Are Most Likely To Be Unfaithful

 Top 10 Professions Women Are Most Likely To Be Unfaithful

Victoria Milan is known as the place where men as well as married women meet for extramarital activities.

5000 women were interviewed by the website to find out which are the 10 most popular trades among unfaithful women.

A fairly impressive total of 65% of women will one have a day have a relationship with a co-worker, so it’s quite relevant to see which areas are most popular among unfaithful women.

The profession at #2 is not the one I originally thought, but the fact that they are away from home could explain something.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the top ten professions for cheaters:

1. Financial (Bankers, brokers, analysts)
2. Aviation (Pilots, flight attendants, flight pursers)
3. Healthcare (Doctors, nurses, nursing assistants)
4. Business (CEOs, managers, secretaries)
5. Sports (Athletes, instructors, representatives)
6. Arts (Musicians, models, actors, photographers)
7. Nightlife Industry (DJs, dancers, waiters)
8. Communication (Journalists, public relations, communicators)
9. Legal (Lawyers, secretaries, prosecutors, judges)
10. Other sectors (Don’t know what that entails, but ok)


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