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Can You Spot Why Photo Of Six Teens Going To

Most of us look back at our high school prom photos with a mixture of embarrassment and nostalgia. But no Eleanor Clarke. This one, she will remember as a ‘legendary’ moment as she beat the system and avoided over priced drinks by using her eye for fashion to get her drinks into her prom. Some […]


Barbie Girl Posts Pictures Without Makeup, And You’ll Be SHOCKED

Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova, 31-year-old rose to fame four years ago when she posted pictures showing her tiny waist and Barbie doll like features online. She has since then was dubbed as the “Human Barbie.” She was heavily criticized for modifying herself so much, so she decided to reveal herself without makeup. The human barbie […]


BREAKING: Racist Oprah Just Admitted What She Would Force On

They were searching for years. It finally happened. They eventually found their “one” true gem after last year’s failure. Now after years of searching, liberals finally feel like they’ve seen a woman who can win the Presidency. Ironically, the notion to find a TV star candidate was stolen from the fact that President Trump had […]


Strange Box Sat At Airport For 7 Days Until Someone

As reported by: BoredPanda| An unmarked wooden box only 16 inches tall sat at the Beirut Airport in Lebanon for a week before being opened – and people were shocked to find out three endangered Siberian tiger cubs inside. Dehydrated and starved, they were covered in urine and feces, their bodies infested with hundreds of […]


Husband Finds Out Wife Is Pregnant After Vasectomy, Stages A

Tim and Rachel Brummel were given a huge surprise out of the blue. In an interesting turn of events, Tim’s wife got pregnant even after he went through a vasectomy. Now you know that they aren’t 100% foolproof. The interesting thing was that Tim actually found out about it before Rachel did! He decided to […]


Here’s How Denny’s Responded When A Muslim Employee Said Their

A Muslim server in Ocala, Florida, says that he was fired from his job at a Denny’s restaurant for refusing to remove his head covering. He has now filed a discrimination complaint and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is investigating his allegations. According to, Marlondejaun Guy, a U.S. citizen originally from Trinidad, says […]


Dad Punches Baby To Death, Then Leaves Body In The

A Maryland father pleaded guilty to punching his 2-month-old baby before leaving the dead child’s body in a car and later burying it behind a school. Antoine Petty, 33, was convicted of first-degree child abuse resulting in the infant’s death on Aug. 2, reports The Washington Post. Petty punched the child, Antoine Flemons, after his wife, […]


Not The Two Sharpest Knives In The Drawer

My Grandpa always said, “Whatever you do, do it well.” Now these are two guys that could have definitely benefited from knowing my grandfather. To say they are thieves would be to give thieves a bad name. According to Memphis, Tennessee police, these two idiots, managed to lay down a trail that a blind man […]


Father Speaks Out Upon Execution Of The Man That Molested

Muhammad al-Maghrabi a Yemeni child rapist is publicly executed in that nation’s first execution under Sharia law since 2009. Muhammad al-Maghrabi a 41 year old Yemeni man convicted of raping and murdering a three-year-old girl was executed in the capital of Sanaa on Monday in front of hundreds of onlookers, reported government press. A policeman fired […]


Woman Makes Chilling Post Warning To Other Drivers After Ride

The horrifying injury you see here was caused by a rock. Kevin and Tina Morales had a rock thrown at their vehicle as they drove down I-35 in Austin, Texas. The rock shattered the windshield and hit Tina’s neck. Kevin said the rock flew through the windshield like it was a rocket and Tina thought […]


Study Finds Second Born Children Are Most Likely To Have

A recent study has concluded that second-born children are more likely to end up getting in trouble at school or having issues with the law later in life—a finding that is sure to bring much pleasure to older siblings everywhere. Researchers from MIT, Northwestern and University of Florida (plus a few others) followed thousands of sets […]


Meet The Queen Of The Dark, A 24yo Woman Who

Meet Nyakim Gatwech, the South Sudanese model who’s teaching people not to be afraid of the dark. With her deeply pigmented skin and fierce determination, she’s breaking down the barriers of conventional beauty, and encouraging others to do exactly the same. The 24-year-old burgeoning fashion icon, who now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has no shame […]


Officers Move In To Arrest Man For Sex In Public,

  What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, especially if it is as disturbing as this story. Joseph G. Martinez, 57, reportedly had sex with a deceased woman in a flower planter box on July 2. Martinez was charged with one count of unlawful sexual penetration of a dead body. The woman had […]


Postal Worker On Duty Spots Two Naked Children Covered In

  Judy Arnold Alexander had an out of the ordinary day as a postal worker on May 13 in Ash Flat Arkansas because she found two girls in the middle of the road. Neither girl was in good condition, the older girl, age 4, was wearing a filthy nightgown and the younger girl, age 2, […]


12-Year-Old Girl HANGED Herself While Live Streaming to Facebook [VIDEO]

It is stated below this local report the alleged reason she has committed suicide. Gutta Reports: She killed herself over a boy named Luke who didn’t want her and the fact that rumors were spreading around school that she was a “wh0re.” RIP. Share this to get the message out about suicide prevention… No more […]


Mother And Daughter Record Disgusting Adult Film Together, Think Nothing

  “A mother and daughter in Tampa, Fla., have a unique way of expressing family togetherness — by creating a pornography site and shooting sex scenes together.   The duo — known collectively as “The Sexxxtons” — like many porn performers, don’t give out their last names. Jessica, the mom, and Monica, the daughter, have […]


First Glance This Looks Like A Simple Tattoo But Check

In an effort to show the truth about living with depression, twenty-one-year-old Bekah Miles designed a tattoo on her leg depicting their everyday battle: Metro published a photograph of Bekah’s tattoo, which is now going viral. When you look at her tattoo head-on, it reads: I’m fine It seems simple enough, but when you view […]


Landlord Breaks Into Tenant’s Room And Does The Most Disgusting

Carlos Quijada-Lara entered a plea deal last week after admitting a trespassing charge for bedroom antics in the Colorado Springs home of Logan Pierce and Mikaela DiGuilio last November. According to court records, the daytime romp was exposed by a Nest security system that was surveilling the $1,100-a-month flat. The incriminating video evidence shows him […]

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