Barbie Girl Posts Pictures Without Makeup, And You’ll Be SHOCKED At How She Actually Looks

Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova, 31-year-old rose to fame four years ago when she posted pictures showing her tiny waist and Barbie doll like features online. She has since then was dubbed as the “Human Barbie.”

She was heavily criticized for modifying herself so much, so she decided to reveal herself without makeup.

The human barbie claimed that she uses makeup to achieve her doll eyes and face structure which includes a lot of white eyeliner.

Her barefaced selfies prove that she definitely uses a lot of makeup to get that look.


The 31-year-old seem to be following the “we are what we eat” rule to maintain her body, and as well as the regular gym visits.



The #nomakeup selfies was quite a huge surprise to her fans, who are used to seeing the human barbie all glamed up for a photo op.


Source: Facebook, Providr, The Sun UK


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