Can You Spot Why Photo Of Six Teens Going To Prom Sent The Internet Into A Frenzy?

Most of us look back at our high school prom photos with a mixture of embarrassment and nostalgia. But no Eleanor Clarke. This one, she will remember as a ‘legendary’ moment as she beat the system and avoided over priced drinks by using her eye for fashion to get her drinks into her prom.

Some people lets out their genius to figuring out how to end world hunger or how to prevent diseases from spreading, but this teenager devoted hers to sneaking in alcohol to her prom.

The teenager, who lives in the UK, posted a series of shots from her night-of-nights with a captione that said: “Still don’t know how I got away with a huge hip flask as my prom clutch.”

As seen on the uploaded image, she sports an enormous flask, brimming with liquor. The flask can apparently hold three liters of vodka…so no doubt, Eleanor’s night was lit.

Most people hide their booze in regular items: awful jewelry, perfume bottles, water bottles, binoculars, etc. Clarke hid hers in plain sight, carrying it under her arm like it was her handbag. It’s brilliant, and it inspired dozens of applause GIFs and 61,000 retweets.

One Twitter user named Jemma wrote, “fact she’s so casual holding it like an actual clutch n all oh my god a true intellectual.”

A few also thinks the teenager was “genius”, and asked her to be elected as UK’s “first female president.”

Although one particular person did not agree with the hype and said: “Genius? More like idiot! If she goes to such lengths to get that much vodka into one evening’s entertainment, she need to seriously think about her dependence on alcohol. Otherwise this week’s ‘genius’ will be next week’s alcoholic,” a guy named Ken wrote on Mail Online.


Source: Facebook, AWM, Daily Mail


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